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9 Mistakes of Startupper

You are not born an entrepreneur, you become one. This could be the motto of the startup world, which reminds us that entrepreneurship is a daily learning process, which also includes mistakes. Some are unavoidable, which allows you to evolve and modify your initial strategy… However, others can be easily avoided and that’s why we compiled 10 mistakes that a startupper should not make to develop the business successfully.

Not writing a clear and precise business plan

The business plan is the document that must explain in a clear and precise way what you expect for the future of your company and the action plan to achieve it. Although it may seem simple, it can be complicated when it comes to putting on paper what you have in mind.

Getting the wrong partners

When it comes to creating a company, everyone is eager to start the project. But entrepreneurs often underestimate the differences in strategy and personality: take the time to get to know each other well before joining forces. In 2013, Jérémie Berrebi pointed out conflicts between co-founders as the first cause of failure of a startup.

Lack of website promotion

Every startup should be noticed by the audience to rise into a successful business. In 2022 you can’t do anything without a good website optimization and promotion. Halo Lab SEO agency is ready to help you with this crucial step on your way to success.

Raising funds too early

6 months after your launch, you raise 1 million euros. Isn’t that too fast? Will you be able to handle the financial pressure and investor relations? Isn’t it wiser to consolidate the team and the features of your service? One thing is for sure, investors are interested in you.

Not choosing the right product

Many startups launch products or services that want to do everything. Focus on one application and then diversify. One task at a time, stay focused! Starting to spread yourself wide is the beginning of the first troubles, loss of time, and sometimes money. Keep them in mind and integrate them into your development plan.

Focusing too much on email

Email is a productivity sink, we can lose several hours a day in simple consultation or in sending communication often futile. Why not respect some simple rules to limit its impact? Short emails, which go straight to the point and which are as clear as possible on the action to be taken. The other point would be to open them only once or twice a day and thus free up time to stay focused.

Not having the key skills in-house

Do you sell items on the Internet? Master your supply chain! Are you developing SaaS services? Recruit good developers and get them interested in the capital! At a time when this type of profile is becoming rare, put all the chances on your side by avoiding a service provider dropping you at the last moment.

Forgetting to focus on what really matters

Acting, without even thinking, because it is so much more comfortable to manage everything, even the superfluous tasks… Trying to manage everything, the essential is not done and the business is delayed, when it should be the priority. Taking some distance allows you to put your ideas back in place and reclassify your priorities.

Not taking the time to recruit

Recruiting a new employee is a crucial step for a young company. A step that can be a painful moment for some entrepreneurs, either because of a lack of experience or because of trauma caused by bad recruitments. The first step is therefore to take a look at your organizational chart – the one you have today and the one you plan to have after the development of your startup.



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