6 Universal Tips On How To Detect A Scammy And Unauthorized Casino

No one may not doubt that gambling industry had a huge boost in the past few years. The demand for online gambling has crucially risen up during the global Covid-19 lock downas well. Since then and until now, many online casino newbies are constantly being born – both good and scammy ones, also called as “rouge casinos”.

Fortunately, you can avoid fraudulent schemes in online gambling by adhering to simple tips which will help you to gamble only at your leisure. So, stay tuned and keep reading!

Check If the Platform Is Licensed

The regulation of the sites makes it possible to control the conformity of the rules, especially concerning the games of chance. Gambling must be clear and not scammy, rules are obvious and displayed at casino site homepage for everyone. For this purpose, there exist a dozens of gambling commissions and authorities all over the globe. They verify casinos and oblige it to stick to the strict gambling policies. So, check out the casino’s homepage or contact the regulator if you what to be sure that picked casino is legit.

Thirst for Your Personal Data

If any rouge casino demands your personal information, be aware that it can use it to stole financial date and your money as well. How this process may look like? Casino sends you the notification that your account is “suspicious” and to prove it is not you need to write your data. This data will open them way to your wallet and, moreover, could be sold to third parties on darknet.

Crawling Payments or Their Absence

Usually, of course in legit online casino, you can get your winnings during 2-3 business days if you used Visa or Mastercard, or even faster utilizing e-wallets. However, some suspicious casinos impede you to get your cash simply not letting you to withdraw it or requesting you to fulfill absurd conditions. Some popular phrases:

  • You can’t extract more than / less than …
  • You can’t withdraw unless your winning overcomes your deposit funds
  • Withdrawals proceed only few times a week and so on

So, watch out or you may have a really bad troubles which may lead to long judicial proceedings, as was the case with Andrew Green whom online casino refused to pay out his £1.7m jackpot.

Strange Software Providers

As it was mentioned above, casino games demand steadily rises up form one day to another. Therefore, newer and newer software providers have been constantly appearing on the online gambling landscape. However, not all suppliers should be trusted – many of them are maliciously set up in favor of rouge casinos. Which slots providers to choose? Gamble in the products of such experienced and legit suppliers like:

  • Microgaming Slots Provider
  • IGT Slots Provider
  • Playtech Slots Provider
  • Novomatic Slots Provider
  • WMS Slots Provider

RTP Is Lower Than Mariana Trench

This tip is logically deriving from the previous one, because unknown software suppliers usually offer unaware gamblers their games with an all-time low Return-to-Player (RTP) rates which may be less than 80%. If you hadn’t known what is RTP, it is a percentage (of slot, for instance) which will be given to player. So, stay away of low RTP games if you want to earn as much money as you desire.

Mostly Bad Reviews

If online casino has got mostly bad reviews across the web – about 80-90%, then it is the next red flag for you to consider. But where you can check the reviews? You may look for customer reviews on different review sites which allow users to leave sincere reviews about online casino experience. Usually such sites give all needed data about casino’s pitfalls, so there exist great chances that you will be aware of scammy rouge casinos.

By the way, Canadian residents, where gambling is officially allowed, must stay aware twice as hard. Therefore, whether you are a Canadian, read the review of authoritative online casinos in Canada, and play only for your own pleasure.

To Conclude

Stay always aware when it comes to your cash and check where you want to gamble. Consider all tips mentioned above and don’t forget to get the latest updates for your devices, because they allow you to utilize the newest security systems.

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