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Why Blue colored Gems hold Special place in Gemstone Jewelry?

Formed with the purity of color Cyan and passion of Magenta, the blue color is born to create a sky full of possibilities. The color is a clear symbol of wisdom, calmness, virtue, and optimism. With all these features, it seems quite impossible that it is not long people didn’t have any concept of the color blue. Since the true-blue color is restricted to a limited existence in natural surroundings, the idea of this color evolved with the ability to create color artificially.

Since then, people have adorned themselves with blue particulars in different ways whatever was suitable. Today, the color holds a great deal of significance in our life and has become a symbol of innocence and trust. One of the most highly cherished ways for adornment of blue color was in the form of jewelry.

Coming on to the aspect of Jewelry, blue crystals are highly precious and a representation of prestige from a long time. The fascination for dark blue hues in gems has make some of the gemstones priceless. Today, there is a remarkable increase in the popularity of such crystals and is continuously sprouting day by day. There is a special place of blue colored gems in Gemstone Jewelry and are worth a king’s ransom.

Blue Gemstones and Their Significance

It was blue crystals that were used as a medium to create blue dye like Lapis Lazuli for various uses. These gems have a calming effect on the wearer providing them a sense of happiness. This is the reason behind extreme fondness towards blue gems. The cooling effect of these crystals is why blue-hued gems have long history. People use these gems for a variety of healing like inflammation, lowering down of high blood pressure, and maintaining anger issues.

However, every gem has its own specifications, features, and shade. Thus, these effects vary according to the crystal and the intensity of color present clearly effects variably. The fact that blue gemstone is suitable and accents both men and women equally, the value of these crystals continues to increase every day. One can easily wear a blue stone studded gemstone jewelry to every occasion without putting much thought. For instance, Larimar Jewelry can help you accentuate your look with minimal efforts.

Why Blue colored Gems hold Special place in Gemstone Jewelry.jpg

The blue stones represent prestige, status, and luxury in the society because of their rareness and special features. Thus, there is a great deal of significance among individuals regarding blue gemstones. Let’s have a look at the most enchanting blue gems that are expert in capturing hearts.

The Sweet Lore of Larimar

Blue Larimar comes in opaque appearance along with mesmerizing white swirls all over its surface. It clearly reminds you of the wave gushing in a calm ocean that soothes your energy. People cherish this gem for its blue-green hues that comes in a cocktail size stone. The gem is pretty rare because of its limited availability in Dominican Republic. It often goes by the name Dominican gemstone sourced from its origin.

The bold texture of the Larimar Stone makes it a perfect choice for the people looking for freshness in fashion styles. The gem is generally paired up with white silver to carve bewitching jewelry designs. Although people prefer their own taste in the choice of metal, the best of its appearance comes out with plain white silver. As it provides the base for the crystal to fully flaunt its own features without getting disrupted with the color of the metal.

Larimar Meaning is associated with clear communication just like water and inner wisdom. Exactly like other crystals, it also holds various metaphysical properties that helps a person with mental and spiritual healing. It provides calmness and have a soothing effect on the minds of the wearer allowing him to fight with various mental issues like depression, anger, etc.

It ranks around 4.5 to 5 on the Mohs scale of hardness which makes it quite delicate. The accessories like Larimar Ring or any other form will require utmost care to ensure that it doesn’t loose its essence with time. Although, the look of the accessories made with this crystal is unparalleled, it has managed to successfully set its image in the eyes of its adorers.

The Folktale of Turquoise

The Blue Turquoise Stone is prized with many eye-catching features making it an ideal gem to admire. Its color generally ranges from pure blue which is very rare and highly valuable to bluish-green. The appearance of this crystal is opaque again with stunning shine and high lustre. It has dark black, brown, and golden patterns all over its surface known as matrices that provides the crystal an exciting touch.

Turquoise Jewelry is in great demand because of its statement appearance. Wearing a simple accessory made with this crystal is enough to change your look completely. The gem is porous in nature that implies that it absorb water and thus needs proper care while using. Leaving it prone to water for a long time can damage it completely. But for all it is there, it truly deserve all your love and attention.

Accessories like Turquoise Ring are highly preferable because of its boldness. It is best to wear such jewelry in an evening party to create maximum impact. Cocktail sized stones like Real Turquoise are best if you are someone who loves to create a statement with their jewels. The crystal also goes by the name Turquoise December Birthstone, because of the fact that it is highly beneficial for the December born babies.

We strongly recommend to explore the beauty of this gem if you are one of those blue lovers.

Aquamarine – A Water Beauty

Renowned for its mesmerizing appearance Blue Aquamarine comes in a variety of shades from teal blue, bluish-green, sky blue, etc. It get its name from the Latin word “Aqua Marina” which means sea water. One gaze at the crystal and it reminds you of clear water. The blue color in Aquamarine is responsible to activate throat chakra present inside our body. This results in effective communication, self-expression, and truth.

Aquamarine Meaning reflects learning, clarity, and insight. The gem holds numerous metaphysical properties that helps a person achieve new heights in his life. It is also famous by the name Aquamarine March Birthstone and provides strong benefits to the people born in the respective month. One can make gifting memorable by simply gifting it to someone on their 19th anniversary according to the customs. Traditionally, this stone is a 19th anniversary gift and the custom continues till today.

Looking into the composition of the crystal, it is a member of the beryl group. Just like diamonds, it is graded according to its color, cut, and carat to enhance its appearance. It was all about aquamarine, next is a gem that has managed to create its long-lasting reputation with its outstanding features.

Tanzanite – The Gemstone of the Year

The Blue-purplish hues of Tanzanite are perfect to captivate anyone’s heart. For a rare variety like this, it is quite obvious that the crystal is prized with the title of “Gemstone of the year”. The vivid bluish-purple shade of Tanzanite Jewelry got famous by the name of Veri Peri. It is found only in a small region at the foot of Mt. Kilimanjaro which makes it highly valuable. They are even considered as a possible substitute for valuable sapphires if you are restricted on to the budget.

Tanzanite Crystal is already famous for its unparalleled beauty. The gem is already used in the most famous “Titanic” movie. Everyone remembers the “heart of the ocean”, which was studded with the same crystal. Thus, it deserves all the respect it holds today.

While talking about its durability, the gem is quite hard and can take a few knocks. With proper care it can last for a long time. The shades of this gem varies with each piece you hold and moves along from less intense to the rich blue colored crystals. Let’s move on to our next blue hero.

Blue Topaz – A Rare Beauty

Most of the Topaz is found in the colorless form and it is quite rare to find a natural blue topaz. They naturally extracts in the large crystals and shows quite a play of colors when seen from different angles. The crystal is hard and ideally tough enough to create bewitching Gemstone Silver Jewelry.

Naturally it has clean transparent appearance and doesn’t have any inclusions in its surface, which makes it perfect to create elegant high-class jewelry designs. Certain colorless topaz often undergoes heat treatment to enhance the color and hue of the crystal. The more intense hues in the crystal are mostly admired and generally cost higher than the normal ones.

Topaz Jewelry is the perfect choice for the people who loves elegance at its best. The delicate appearance that it provides when studded with pure 925 sterling silver is truly commendable. Another rising trend in jewelry has given the birth of the concept of Birthstone Jewelry. Blue Topaz is one of the December Birthstones and accessories made purely for December born babies is in high demand.

Lapis Lazuli – A Blue Beauty

Lapis Lazuli is the stone that have their presence for a long time now. The credit of emergence of the concept of blue color goes to this stone. In ancient times, people used this crystal to create dye of blue color which was uncommon at that time. But still using blue color dye was a matter of rich and wealthy people as everyone couldn’t afford the color made from semi-precious stone. Since, then the crystal holds a special importance in gemstones.

The mesmerizing deep royal blue hues of the crystal are enough to create eye-capturing Lapis Lazuli Jewelry. The clear, noble, and calming is what is blue. Although, the impact of a color largely depends on the intensity of the shade and represents a different meaning.

If you are among those who loves bold appearance in their crystals and accessories, then this stone will definitely help you with encompassing the true definition of beauty. The natural beauty of this gem reminds us of the galaxy full of stars with sparkling shine all over its surface. Looking for something extraordinary to fit with your collection? This might be your dream stone.

Blue Opal – A Prismatic Charm

Among the various varieties of Opals, Blue Opal Crystal is cherished for its wondrous color that has the capability to captivate hearts. Blue Opal has flashing shades of light gleaming beneath its surface. It is a clear reflection of purity and shows an enigma of light.

This mystical play of colors depicted by Opal has managed to melt hearts with its jaw-dropping designs when used to create stunning Opal Jewelry. Blue Opal is a variety that is specifically cherished and highly popular for its natural cool blue shades. The color is designed to specifically suit with each attire and accentuate an individual’s look at its peak.

The gem is true eye candy with an array of colors. Generally, people use plain silver, rose-plated, and gold vermeil for the choice of metal to fully make its look more charming. Having its connection with ancient folklore, various beliefs related to its healing power has contributed for its lovable image.


It requires professional artisans to carve and facet the crystal in a manner that amplifies its shine and natural beauty. For this, it is important that you purchase your favorite Gemstone Jewelry from an authentic source like Rananjay Exports. The company has catered to a large base of satisfied customers and holds its reputation in providing genuine Gemstones.

It focuses and thrives to provide customer-oriented services to successfully maintain a long-term relationship with their clients. For this offer a variety of discounts and redeemable points on every purchase. Apart from this, they provide special benefits to their loyal customers and does the best there is for their exclusive members.

So now when you know everything about the blue crystals, why wait? Grab your favorite Blue Gemstone Jewelry today!


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