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Top Trending Web Development Technologies Used in 2022

What are the latest web development technologies that will shape the IT industry? Will React.js and Angular continue to dominate the technologies used in web development? How will PWAs and Single-Page apps fare against accelerated mobile pages?

This article examines the trending technology for web development in 2022. Read on for the most up-to-date web development technologies list that will lead us into the future.

Web Development Market Overview

Over half of the world’s population now has Internet access. Mobile access to websites accounts for nearly 70% of all traffic. Yet, slow-loading web apps directly affect a company’s bottom line.

Offering a web-enabled application isn’t enough in the modern digital marketplace. It must also offer a positive user experience (UX) yet stand out from the competition.

Developers have recognized this and have improved technologies used in web development. But what are those advancements and which will have a major impact beyond 2022?

Major Web Development Trends to Check Out in 2022

Below is a list of the major web development trends to watch over the next year. From the best language for software development to custom tools, we examine the future before it happens.

Progressive Web Apps

A progressive web app or PWA emulates the experience of using a native mobile app. However, it works on any platform.

PWAs bring together multiple technologies. For example, accessing the camera and microphone to create a web-based video chat. Or using GPS to plot the user’s location.

A progressive web app has the potential of working offline which makes it different from an ordinary web application. Users can also add it to their home screen as they would a native Android or iOS app.

Single-Page Apps

Traditional web pages required the user to refresh the browser to view new content. A single-page app (SPA) does this automatically.

An example of a SPA is Gmail. New emails automatically arrive in the inbox without the need for user interaction. This improves UX and leads to a better workflow.

Accelerated Mobile Pages

Accelerated Mobile Pages or AMP creates fast-loading web pages. The technology offers:

  • a lightweight version of HTML
  • a modified version of CSS to style content
  • JavaScript is limited to AMP’s library

As an open-source technology, AMP lets developers create custom web applications and services. Expect to see more AMP apps throughout the year.

Voice Search

Over 58% of web consumers use voice search to find a local company. Three-quarters of all US families will own a smart speaker by 2025.

Voice search is now a standard feature and will grow as developers add it to their apps. You will see a voice revolution as firms update their services.

AI-Powered Chatbots

Chatbots provide an interactive customer conversation experience. But they are often limited to several choices. Artificial Intelligence brings this technology to the next level by understanding regular speech.

Natural Language Processing (NLP) processes ‘natural’ phrases. The AI also learns from its interactions to provide better results.

Custom software development using AI will only grow as the technology matures.

Internet of Things

The IoT revolution officially began with the advent of 5G. Now, more devices can communicate with each other. The result is a huge network that continually improves as more data gets processed.

Industries like healthcare and transportation will benefit the most. Software that monitors heart rates or controls congestion will lengthen lifespans for decades to come.

IoT has its challenges, however. Developers designing for the Internet of Things must focus on performance and simplicity. Thankfully, SCAND offers an IoT service fit for the future.

Top Programming Languages and Tools Used in 2022

What programming languages will dominate this year? Will JavaScript frameworks grow in popularity? Or will other software appear to upend the industry?

Below are the top programming languages and tools that will shape the technology sector.


Although created in the 1970s, Java’s still prevalent today due to its use in Android development.

Java powers millions of apps on the Google Play Store. It can work with web technologies like React Native to create a seamless online experience. It also gives access to the device’s features without lag.

Java also acts as the backbone to many web servers so don’t expect it to die anytime soon.


Open-source PHP is the bread and butter of many development teams. It’s used to create and maintain WordPress, the world’s most popular CMS software.

PHP works in tandem with MySQL databases and a backend server. Combined with a JavaScript framework and you have a fully-functioning web app platform.


JavaScript opens a world of possibilities for developers. The technology creates a fully-interactive experience, from online chat to e-commerce apps.

Basic JavaScript can be quite cumbersome to work with. That’s why several JavaScript frameworks like Vue.js (outlined below) make development easier.


Microsoft’s .NET framework works on multiple platforms from Windows to mobile apps to Azure cloud servers. This makes it ideal for creating one codebase that will run anywhere.


Google’s reactive framework integrates front-end technologies with back-end servers. It’s mainly used in enterprise-level SPAs and can scale as required.


A popular JavaScript framework that produces single-page applications as well as other use-cases. Many developers love its ease of use and versatility.


As a Reactjs development company, we love its ability to create PWAs, SPAs, and dynamic web apps.

React works across all platforms. It forms the basis of React Native that produces native mobile apps.


A popular framework that brings an object-orientated approach to PHP programming. Used in a full-stack system to provide content to front-end technologies.

Latest Web Development Technologies Professionals

The latest web development technologies that existed in 2021 will grow into 2022.

Front-end programming languages like React.js will evolve to produce better results. Innovations like machine learning and IoT will have a pronounced effect on development. That’s why SCAND Ltd. only uses forward-thinking technologies to develop our clients’ apps.

Contact us with a request for web development services. Discover a provider that spans the globe and employs only the best talent.


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