Top 5 Most Impressive NFL Win Streaks

Winning an NFL season is a massive achievement by itself. The players have to do their best in every game to avoid injuries in a sport filled with violence; the coaches have to study their players and the opponents; and the teams need to keep up their momentum through a four-month scheduling process.

There is so much they need to do, and yet some teams win the NFL while barely losing any games in the process. It sounds impossible, but it does happen.

When teams like these crop up, the NFL spreads, and money lines become a gold mine!

1.   New England Patriots – 21 Games – 2003 to 2004

In the season of a lifetime, the New England Patriots did not lose a single game between 2003 and 2004. It was a whole calendar year until the Patriots finally lost a game! This winning streak didn’t last through the NFL games, though, as it started from the 5th of October 2003 until the 31st of October 2004.

This amazing feat has been matched by no one. And in this power of dominance, the New England Patriots won two Superbowls. The first in 2003 to 2004 season and the second straight after in the 2004 to 2005 season.

If you look at the history closely, you’ll also notice that the Patriots won the Super Bowl in 2002, which led many to believe that this was when the streak really started. In the 2001 to 2002 season, the Patriots were considered underdogs, and boy was that wrong!

2.   Green Bay Packers – 19 Games – 2010 to 2011

The change in the Green Bay Packers game could arguably have come from one decision. Drafting Aaron Rodgers.

Rodgers joined the team in 2005, but many people doubted he would be any good compared to his superior Brett Favre. When Favre eventually stepped down, Rodgers was determined to fill his shoes. The 2009 games came around, and Rodgers showed everyone an impressive first year in the field.

With Brett Favre’s history casting a shadow over his achievements, many still doubted Rogers could be of any use. That was when the 2010 games came around.

During this year, Rodgers led the Packers to the Super Bowl. He played his best games ever and shut up all of his na-sayers. With 19 back-to-back wins between two seasons, none could deny Rodger’s massive involvement in the change.

The streak ended right before Christmas day in 2011. The Kansas City Chiefs knocked them off their game, and when it was time for the playoffs, the New York Giants blocked them from going any further.

3.   Miami Dolphins – 18 Games – 1972 to 1973

We have deliberately put the Dolphin’s triumph below the Packers because the games were different back then. Yes, the Miami Dolphins started and finished their regular season undefeated, which is an achievement that none should ignore, but the NFL schedules were smaller.

Back in the 70s, the games were only 14 long. Miami defeated them all to create an impressive group win, but would they have completed the same achievement if the games were 19 long, like today. We could never know.

Looking back on their impressive run, many would say yes. They dominated the field during this year, and none were anywhere close to stopping them. But, alas, this is a question we could never truly answer.

4.   Denver Broncos – 18 Games – 1997 to 1998

Although we put down the Miami Dolphins undefeated regular season because of its shorter games, we still had to put them above the Denver Broncos. The Broncos played a fantastic streak but were not able to keep it all in one season.

John Elway was one of the best quarterbacks of all time. If you were ever to see a list of “best quarterbacks,” Elway would undoubtedly be on that list. During the 97 – 98 season, Elway earned the title legend. Teamed up with other outstanding players like Shannon Sharpe, Rod Smith, and Terrell Davis, these 5 amazing people tag-teamed to the top creating 18 victories in a row!

This winning streak brought them all the way to the Super Bowl finals, but unfortunately, that was where the victories ended. The Giants spoiled their dreams of ultimate triumph and stole the Super Bowl championship from them.

5.   New England Patriots – 18 Games – 2007 to 2008

We couldn’t stop ourselves from ending with another New England Patriots victory. This period of time was not the Patriot’s longest winning streak, but it was still a fantastic feat. Winning 18 games back-to-back is an achievement that very few have been able to do!

any would argue that the offense was the main reason for the Patriot’s victories. Randy Moss and Tom Brady knocked their teams into oblivion to the point that no one thought they could be stopped.

Their closest game during this time was for the final in the regular season. They were up against the Giants, and the teams were evenly matched. But just like the Giants have done in the past, they broke the Patriot’s winning stream and stole the win from under their noses.




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