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The Next BMW 7 Series G70: Will It Be Self Driving? Here’s What We Know About New Technology Now 

The BMW 7 Series is one of the most luxurious cars ever. It has always checked the boxes of poshness, high-performance, and technology. This is the reason that it is still going strong after 6th generations.

Currently, the 7 Series in production is the G11 model. It has been around for about 6 years now. Its successor is highly awaited. The G70 BMW 7 Series is currently under testing.

Coming up is what we currently know about it.

The New G70 BMW 7 Series

The 7 Series has been spotted in some areas as it is undergoing testing. It is currently under camouflage so we could only see the car’s shape. But some of its details have been revealed to the public by BMW recently.

The Germans are planning on starting production in the middle of 2022. However, the car will be available as the 2023 7 Series model. Until then, we’ll be getting more info about its features.

What We Currently Know About The Upcoming BMW 7 Series Model

Its Exterior

The 7 Series has always been designed to stand out in traffic. This new version is heavily covered but there are some details that one can spot. For example, the car will feature split headlights as opposed to the double-halo design.

The lights will be thinner as well, and they’ll feature two sections. The Daytime Running Lights (DRLs) will be placed in a different housing. With this pattern, the car’s taillights should be thinner as well. Moving on to the grille.

As is apparent, luxury automakers are making larger cars with massive grilles. Mercedes has done it, so has Lexus, and now BMW seems to be following suite. Like the headlamps, the current BMW grille designs aren’t appreciated.

Its Engine

With larger engines being on the verge of extinction, this is an important subject. The best 7 Series models feature the V8 and the V12 engines. The V12 could be put to rest and the hybrid model can have a V8 engine.

The new engine type will be a revamped version of the B58; an engine that has received critical acclaim. There will be a twin-turbo diesel engine that’ll be more powerful than the one available now.

For the petrol/gasoline configurations, there’ll be a 6-cylinder engine to begin the lineup. Also, there will be an all-electric powertrain, which could will also be fitted into the top of the range model.

Its Electric Drivetrain

Despite their lead in developing technologies, you’ll be surprised to know that BMW hasn’t created a full-sized EV. This is where the next 7-Series comes in and it will be the first-ever full-scale production 7 Series EV from BMW.

There will be a special attention given to hybrid and fully-electric drivetrains. We could see multiple offerings in each case. In fact, the BMW boss has made it clear that the most powerful 7-Series will be all-electric.

BMW hope to get around 650hp from the top model. At the same time, the car should be able to do around 650-700km as range. For the maximum ultra-high performance, buyers will be recommended to get the M-tuned versions.

Some sources say that the hybrid drivetrain could have a turbo-charged V8 engine. This can combine with one or more electric motors and a 100kW battery to provide a great driving experience with fewer replacements of genuine auto parts needed.

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Its Autonomous Driving Features

Finally, we have the best feature of all: a self-driving BMW 7-Series. The best part about it is that it will feature Level 3 self-driving. This is a whole level above most carmakers. It also beats Tesla’s self-driving capabilities.

The difference between these levels is that the BMW won’t require any monitoring by the driver. This feature will only be available in the larger BMW vehicles. In fact, it will also be an option in the upcoming BMW iX.

The sad part is that this feature won’t be available in the United States. This is because the laws there do not allow any autonomous driving above level 2. European users however will get to take full advantage of this feature though.

Other Cool Features On The Next 7 Series BMW

There will be a lot more offered on this Beamer. It is said that it will have automatic doors like the ones Mercedes are set to offer on their EQ range. These will detect the driver and open, and they’ll close at a single touch.

The car will also feature a Sky Lounge Roof. This is a cool quirk that will allow users to see the sky as the roof will become transparent. As the time goes on, we’ll hear more about what this Beamer has to offer.


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