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Xbox may offer game ‘time slices’ or games with ads

Microsoft’s corporate vice president of games, Sarah Bond, has revealed that Xbox is looking at other gaming models, including “time-slicing” games and including ads within games.

in an interview with Rolling Stones UK, Bond was asked how developers can achieve success on Xbox. “Game Pass is an option for developers,” she said, explaining that Game Pass is just one of her many business models. “There was pay to play, then there was free to play, and then Game Pass, which we introduced.”

Bond said Xbox is also considering other strategies.

“We’ve been talking about how we’ve been experimenting with other models, like what does in-game advertising mean to be more prevalent on mobile, and what models work well on PC and consoles? Are there any other models? Do you have a time slice of games or something like that? By giving creators options and choices, creators can experiment and do what they love It allows us to break the mold and really create more immersive and creative experiences.”

It’s also worth mentioning that Xbox has another model that doesn’t center around Game Pass, but both require a Gold membership. One is called Games with Gold, where he gives gold members two games a month that they can keep for as long as they have an active gold membership. Additionally, there are Free Play Days where Gold members can play select games for a few days.

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