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Sydney Sweeney wins Oscar for tense documentary drama

Almost six years ago, on June 3, 2017, Reality Winner, a former U.S. Air Force veteran who speaks three Middle Eastern languages ​​fluently, was obsessed with her as he parked his car outside his home in Augusta, Georgia. I was greeted by two FBI agents. driveway. There they inform Miss Winner that they have a warrant to search her premises, phone, car, and person. Everything is polite, but still tense enough. I feel like the time bomb is about to explode. Tensions only increase when three black SUVs pull up at Reality’s home and search her property more thoroughly.

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You may wonder why this kind of thing is happening to young women. Now, for those of you who haven’t heard the story yet, Reality Winner said she worked as an interpreter for the NSA, where she leaked classified documents to the press about Russian interference in the 2016 election. bottom. She was later charged with “taking classified material from a government facility and mailing it to the press.” Reality therefore faced a five-year and six-month prison sentence for violating the Espionage Act 1917, the longest sentence for unauthorized release of government information to the media.

realityis an HBO original film, currently streaming on Max, that follows the true story and interrogation of a tense event. The film is a verbatim reenactment of Reality Winner’s interrogation. adapting a stage play. Audiences who haven’t heard the story of Reality Winner may find some moments in the film a bit confusing, but by the end Tina Sutter sums up the film with satisfaction, analyzing the details and she’s the FBI. will let viewers know why she went after her Reality Winner. , and the repercussions of her crime.

We’ve seen countless movies and dramas about real-life events and crimes, but few are as gripping, tense and powerful as Tina Sutter’s directorial debut. reality as one of the best.

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Tina Sutter’s perfect directorial debut

Tina Sutter will make her directorial debut with this film. realityAdapted his own stage play, Is This a Room: Reality Winner Verbatim, a word-for-word rendition of the Reality Winner interrogation. The stage play was minimal, deep, and tense, but Sutter packed everything that made her play so shocking and unnerving, and loaded it all into this wonderful documentary drama.

reality It’s a short but incredibly impactful documentary drama that will leave you exhausted. The film’s unbearable tension oozes off the screen and permeates the audience, and it’s all held together by the way Sydney Sweeney sustains it. Emily Davis earned wide acclaim for her winning role in her stage play, but the film’s structure truly emphasizes the central performance and is timeless.this is amazing performance It will definitely draw attention to her awards.

Sidney Sweeney’s mesmerizing performance

HBO movies

Sydney Sweeney leaps from TV success euphoria and white lotus As a reality award winner, give an Oscar-worthy performance (even if this was technically a TV movie). Through her dialogue, body language, and facial expressions, her anxiety oozes onto the screen, while at the same time captivating with her first strange confidence.

Sweeney’s reality He avoids the real-life stumbling blocks and uncertain language of the record and instead tries to play a shy, intelligent version, but this decision paid off big time. Reality understands why the FBI are here, but she’s trying to clear their suspicions. You can see it in Sweeney’s performance. In the end, Sweeney’s portrayal of confident reality gave up and crumbled under the weight of anxiety, telling the FBI the truth in some of the best, most affecting showcases of regret and emotion in the past few years. Start, and it’s all thanks to acting mogul Sydney Sweeney.

The rest of the cast are just as great. Josh Hamilton gave an engaging performance as a hilariously friendly FBI agent who struggled to get his words out, while Merchant Davis gave the audience a menacing performance of a more down-to-earth FBI agent. Granted, the cast list isn’t huge, but even with a cast this small, each character manages to stand out. But the performances of each outperform their title characters, almost unsurprisingly.

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An atmosphere of unbearable tension

reality movie sydney sweeney
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Perhaps one of the film’s greatest strengths is that Tina Sutter doesn’t perceive the audience as idiots. Whether you know the story or not, you would 100% believe that whatever crime the Reality Winner committed caught the attention of the FBI. , she is definitely guilty (whether you think the act should be punished is another story). Sutter quickly built up an unrelenting feeling, Intense atmosphere that never abates. In fact, the audience will feel their heart rate increase as the film progresses.

With Paul Yee’s astonishingly spooky cinematography, Nathan Mikay’s heart-thumping music and Tina Sutter’s minimalist direction, reality One of the most tense movies of the past year. Cinematographer Paul Yi (Joy Ride, Stranger) hits its stride, structuring each scene in a way that heightens the suspense of the film.

Yi gives reality a sense of isolation and a lack of authority, not only by framing her much smaller than an FBI agent, but also by mostly filming reality in a single frame that isolates her, especially during the interrogation scene. give Mikey’s long drawn-out music taps into your bloodstream, making the audience feel the same angst and suspense that Reality felt the moment she pulled over in the driveway.

As with her stage play, Sutter opts for a more minimalistic setting, with the highlight being the aforementioned interrogation scene. It shows Reality and two police officers interrogating in an all-white room with nothing on the walls and little light coming in through the windows. This basic description alone should make anyone nervous, but all the elements of the film stack up to create realityThe buildup of uncomfortable anxiety is both admirable and highly intolerable.

reality Produced by HBO Films and Seaview Productions. It opens in Max on May 29th and opens in cinemas worldwide on June 2nd.

https://movieweb.com/reality-review-sydney-sweeney/ Sydney Sweeney wins Oscar for tense documentary drama

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