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Sunny Deol Quotes in Gadar 2 Movie

Sunny Deol Quotes in Gadal 2 Movie – Over 20 Powerful Love Dialogues in Gadal 2: Rebellion is BackGadar 2 is an Indian Hindi film based on a love story. According to media sources, the fantastic film is set to hit theaters and some of his OTT platforms. August 11, 2023.as the main character in the movie Sunny Deol, Amisha Patel, Utkarsh Sharma, Aamir Naik playing a role. In addition to that, the film is based on real events that took place during the 1971 Indian War of Independence. But the first part was also very thrilling and violent in Gadal, starring Sunny Deol.So friends, today in this article we will find out about Gadal 2 Movie Cast, Plot, Release Date, Storyline & Famous Quotes It will inspire you forever.

Gadal 2 movie review, details

movie Gadar 2
type romance, violence
release date August 11, 2023
cast Sunny Doll
Amisha Patel
Utkarsh Sharma
Aamir Naik
Simrat Kaur
Manish Wadwa
Dolly Bindra
Muv-Luv Sinha
Anil George
language Hindi, English
Country India
budget estimate 3.5 billion (rumor)
directed by Anil Sharma
produced by Anil Sharma
music: Mithun

Gadar 2 Movie Love Storyline

The film’s story revolves around Sunny Deol and his heartfelt love Amarsha Patel. Although they struggle with many social and economic problems, their boundless love is seen in the film. The story takes a turn when Aamir Naik and Utkarsh Sharma enter the film and want to change the whole definition of love. However, the situation turns against them and how Sunny Drew saves his lover’s love forever is a movie secret.

Gadar 2 cast, plot and release date

For the first time, the film’s release date was slated for January 2022, but was later slated for August 11th. The trailer for the movie is shocking, with Amisha Patel as Shakina and Sunny Deol as Tara Singh. Besides that, Simrat Kaur plays a pretty girl named Muskaan in the movie. Aamir Naik will play the role of Gul Khan in the film, showcasing her incredible style, while Dree Bindra will play Gul Khan’s wife.

Watch and Download Gadar 2 Movie Trailer Online

Sunny Deol Quotes from Gadal 2

Inspirational love quotes by Sunny Deol in Gadar 2

“Tara Singh is back. My heart is in the Hidustan, it’s the people. This small struggle for independence cannot move the freedom milestone of my country.”

“My country is the center of the whole universe, and I can’t imagine living any longer without being moved by innocent people.”

“The question is not whether they understand us losers, the question is our mothers and fathers, our culture and our unbroken integrity.”

“Son, I give my love for my country, because my father says that if I lose my country’s independence, I will lose everything in the world.”

“Love does not rule, it nurtures forever and thrives in two bodies.”

"Love and independence are tender and eternal, and cannot be suppressed by false envy or pride. "

“Love and independence are tender and eternal, and cannot be restrained by false envy or pride.”

“Hindustan is not a country, it is a whole universe and if anyone disturbs its dignity, he will start fighting her death.”

“I am not a Sikh, a Buddha, or a Muslim. All I know is that I am Indian and my only perception is India.”

“If anyone looks at this country with hate, it will be the last time she sees it.”

“I don’t care if I lose anything, but if I lose my independence, I lose everything in my life.”

Gadar 2 Powerful Love Dialogue by Sunny Deol

  • “I cannot fathom how much I love you. You will lose everything in your life.”
  • “I don’t know the definition of love. I can’t explain why it excites you. All I know is that there is a bright light of optimism in the face of any adversity. “
  • “You are the princess of my heart, the bliss of my life, I can’t think without your smile, I love you forever, Princess.”
  • “Love is someone’s lifeline. If you fall for it, you’ll give it your all for a little smile.”
  • “God has provided a beautiful heart that beats happiness and ecstasy for others. think. “
  • “The greatest proof of my love is you alone, my joy and friendship, and I cannot live without you.”
  • “Without the sunshine, flowers don’t bloom, and without you my heart won’t beat.”
  • “Love is the greatest gift we all have, but it can sometimes be lost in the hearts of others.”


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