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Sugar cravings and how to curb them

Grabbing a candy bar to deal with your afternoon slump and reaching for a Coke to get you out of your post-slump slump?

  • Sugar is called an empty calorie, a calorie that contains no nutrients.
  • Health experts believe this is one of the main reasons why sticking to a healthy diet and maintaining a healthy weight is so difficult.
  • Carbohydrate restriction is believed to be for diabetics only, but the truth is quite different. Excess sugar can lead to coronary heart disease, obesity, insulin resistance, metabolic syndrome, PCOS, weakened immune system, cancer, bone problems, and more.
  • Another effect of excessive sugar intake is a change in the microbial flora. This can lead to bloating, GI problems, heartburn, and more.

The World Health Organization recently lowered its recommendation for sugar from 10% to no more than 5% of total calorie intake.

You must be wondering why we keep talking about excess sugar all the time. The more you have it, the more you want it. The taste of sugar releases endorphins that calm and relax us, giving us a natural euphoria.

Causes of sugar cravings

  • Habit: Habits can be one of the main causes of formation deep in our brains
  • Hard training: Many people may experience sugar cravings after exercising. Depleted glycogen stores are likely to crave sugar to replenish it.
  • Your diet is incorrect: The more you eat these simple sweets, the more your brain craves them, and the vicious cycle of sugar cravings can continue.
  • Use of Artificial Sweeteners: Using these alternative sugars may save you calories, but they can trick you into thinking you ate something much sweeter, or much sweeter than sugar. They crave foods and drinks that are equally sweet.
  • Poor sleep quality: Your body needs some REM and deep sleep as a way to replenish your mind and body. If you don’t get enough sleep, your body will be more likely to crave sweets the next day.
  • stress: High levels of stress can also trigger cravings. Serotonin (the calming and relaxing hormone) is released by sugar when stress raises cortisol levels.
  • Snack: Skipping meals can cause sugar cravings as blood sugar levels drop.
  • boring: This is another reason why we end up eating sugar and sugar products.
  • Sugar is hidden everywhere: Sugar is hidden in many foods, from bread to pasta, that we never thought were sweet.
  • Deficiencies that can cause sugar cravings include:
    1. chromium A deficiency can cause intense sugar cravings.
    2. if the body is deficient magnesium, You may have a strong craving for sugary products, especially chocolate.
    3. zinc Deficiency can lower insulin levels and lead to sugar cravings

how to stop sugar cravings

  • Give me a little: Eat as little as you want. Having a little fun doing something you love can help you get out of the feeling of being rejected.
  • Try combining foods: If you feel like eating something sweet, try pairing it with a healthy menu. For example, strawberries dipped in chocolate sauce.
  • Grab gum: If you want to avoid giving in to sugar cravings completely, try gum.
  • Reach for fruit: Keep fruit on hand when you crave sugar! Fruits are rich in dietary fiber and nutritious, and their sweetness is outstanding!
  • Choose quality over quantity: If you crave sugar, choose healthier options. For example, 70% cocoa dark chocolate.
  • Eat regularly: Eating regularly keeps your blood sugar stable and helps you avoid irrational eating behaviors.
  • Skip Artificial Sweeteners: because they tend to increase your desire
  • Get support: SStress, depression, or anger turns people into sweet foods. But food doesn’t solve emotional problems.
  • Drink a glass of water: Some say dehydration can trigger sugar cravings
  • Eat More Protein: Protein increases satiety.
  • sleep well: It’s important for overall health and may help prevent cravings.
  • Get up and go: When you feel a sugar craving, get up and go for a walk. You can also call your friends, take a bath and relax.
  • avoid certain triggers Such as places and activities that trigger sugar cravings.
  • Eat More Fiber: They help slow the absorption of the food you eat and also help curb sugar cravings.
  • maintain and keep the list The reason we want to eat healthy is because it’s hard to remember when we wanted to eat.

Few food options to choose from when craving sugar

  • fruit: Contains a lot of healthy nutrients along with sugar
  • berry: The taste is sweet, but it is rich in dietary fiber and low in sugar.
  • dark chocolate: Change normal chocolate to dark chocolate
  • snack bar: Made of natural food, you can make healthy sweets
  • chia seeds: Rich in water-soluble dietary fiber, it keeps you full
  • cinnamon: Sweet and healthy
  • Yogurt: Rich in protein, can control appetite and cravings
  • date: Very sweet and appetizing
  • sweet potato: Sweet and satiety
  • smoothie: Another Healthy Nutrient Rich Option
  • prune: Sweet and gentle on the stomach
  • trail mix: Combines the sweetness and all the benefits of dried fruits and nuts.

Do Sugar Detox Diets Work?

The Sugar Detox Plan encourages you to avoid all sweets. That means all fruits, dairy products, and refined grains. The idea is to clean out your system of sugar. It’s easy to maintain if you make simple changes to your diet.

Sugar cravings can be a challenging part of your daily life. Making these small changes can go a long way. Hopefully, it will help you win the battle against cravings.

We hope this article has helped you reduce your sugar cravings and make positive lifestyle changes. For more information on nutrition, click hereIf you need help curbing your sugar cravings, subscribe and talk to an expert GOQii Personalized Health Coaching.


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