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Did Jack fit in the door? James Cameron settles debate

for only one reason, James Cameronof titanic Why didn’t Jack stay at the door with Rose? both can you live? After being the subject of jokes in the media and the topic of casual conversation, Cameron decided to put together his own myth-busting session to clear his doubts once and for all. Cold water, to see what happened to the doomed lovers in different scenarios.

There are many variables to consider here, so this experiment is more than just saying he fits or doesn’t. Even if he was floating, their combined weight would change the way Rose balances, potentially further endangering her life. In that case, the amount of time she remains conscious and alive between rescues is short. Apparently, drowning wasn’t the only potential risk, as the water in which the Titanic crashed was so cold.

The experiment consisted of multiple rounds and fine-tuned several different variables. In the first test, “Jack and Rose were able to board the raft, but now they are both submerged in dangerous levels of freezing water.” However, the actors standing in for Jack and Rose were also forced to perform all the strenuous physical activity the duo did before entering the door.

“Come out of the water, [his body’s] The violent shaking was helping him stick it out and he could do it for quite a while… hours. he is stable He got where he could have gotten there by the time the lifeboat got there if we predicted it. Jack may have lived, but there are many variables. I think his thought process was, ‘I’m not going to put her in danger’. It’s 100% in character. ”

You can see a first look at the experiment from Titanic: 25 Years Later with James Cameronand Cameron explains below.

Here are the details of the experiment:

Things that only happen in movies Did Jack fit in the door? James Cameron settles debate

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