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slimy sextet

With the help of Celeste, the Great Fairy of the Forest, the brave Quinn defeated the Demon King and brought peace to the world. Quinn now has to pay back Celeste for her promised expenses: her first child. However, Quinn refuses to reconcile with her husband and also refuses to have a first child, which Celeste can claim. Taking advantage of this loophole, she plans to get out of paying off her debts. Furious at her Quinn’s ungrateful arrogance, Celeste begins plotting her revenge. She makes sure that Quinn will have children, but not with her normal husband… No, she creates giant, evil creatures to have children. Slimy tentacled beasts made with mind-melting aphrodisiacs will make the so-called “heroes” and all their allies regret leaving their debts unpaid. Slimy Sextet is a visual girlfriend novel where you play as Celeste’s slime minion and help her get her revenge. If you do your job well… you might be able to turn the tide of the Great Elf himself. Of course you can. slimy sextet

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