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Release date, cast, trailer, and everything we know so far

You don’t have to be Benoit Blanc to understand it knife out was an instant success when it hit theaters in 2019. The quirky humor, sharp editing, and strong cast in this murder mystery have led to critical acclaim, box office success, and award recognition (including his Oscar nomination for Best Original Screenplay). Benoit Blanc’s (Daniel Craig) In the wake of crime novelist Harlan Thrombey’s unprecedented death, the Thrombey mansion investigates ‘who killed who’ (Christopher Plummer) quickly attracted attention.And now Netflix has decided to gift us a sequel Glass Onion: A Knife Out Mysterywith high hopes that it will be as big as its predecessor.

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Previous knife out Writer/director who received all the talk Ryan Johnson Craig was already keen to make other stories led by Benoît Blanc, the soon-to-be-iconic detective. But here’s what we know about the long-awaited sequel.

Here’s everything we know so far about the release date, new and returning cast members, and the future of this potential story.

Editor’s Note: This production was last updated on October 8th with new footage, early reactions, reviews, and an update on the theatrical release date.

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Does Glass Onion have a release date?

Glass Onion: A Knife Out Mystery The world premiere took place at the Toronto International Film Festival on September 10, 2022. The film was also screened at the BFI London Film Festival on 16th October 2022.As for when the general public will be able to see the sequel, the film has November 23rd to November 29th theater limited releaseThe film will be released on Netflix worldwide on December 23, 2022. don’t look up, Bridgerton, witcherWhen bird box topped the charts while on vacation, glass onion It probably won’t change.

What does the title glass onion mean?

Rian Johnson has announced that the sequel will be called Glass Onion: A Knife Out MysteryThe name is inspired by 1968 Beatles song of the same name.

Is Glass Onion a direct sequel to Knives Out?

Despite the fact that many Hollywood celebrities were scene stealers, knife out (Good to see Ana de Armas, Chris Evans, Jamie Lee Curtis, Toni Colletteand many more wrapped up in the same feature film), Rian Johnson confirmed that the sequel will have an entirely different story. Sirius XM Last February, the director compared to the author Agatha Christie When explaining that not all murder mysteries occur in the same scenario, he said he wanted to explore the genre with different characters, new locations, and different dynamics.

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As we mentioned before, most of the cast members from the first film aren’t returning. glass onionIf they do make an appearance, it will be a surprise cameo. , cleared the air about the Trombie family’s return to the screen. glass onion as he investigates another mystery. Netflix acquired the rights to the next franchise installment for more than $450 million, and part of the deal was to keep Daniel Craig involved in the project.

alongside 007 Alum has a new actor joining the cast glass onion Many of them are just as great as the famous ensembles from the previous films. Kate HudsonWidely known for her role in most famouswill be part of the sequel as fashion designer Birdie Jay. Leslie Odom Jr. As scientist Lionel Toussaint, Edward Norton As tech billionaire Miles Bronn, Dave Bautista As YouTube celebrity Duke Cody, Janelle Monae As technology entrepreneur Cassandra “Andi” Brand, Kathryn Hahn As Connecticut Governor Claire DeBella, running for Senate, Madeline Klein As Duke’s girlfriend and assistant Whiskey, Jessica Henwick Birdie’s assistant Peg. Ethan Hawke He’s also reportedly starred in the film in an undisclosed role after being spotted on set.

When and where was the glass onion film shot?

According to Rian Johnson’s tweet, glass onion Production began on July 28 and was filmed in Greece. Some of the set photos published online were taken on Speches Island.

Finished filming in Greece Start production in July 2021 officially finished September of the same year.

Netflix released the first official trailer for Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery on September 8, 2022. detail. The trailer includes clips of him riding a party, a motorcycle chase, his Speedo firing a pistol, and an unusual-looking slide of his puzzle. again, clip from movie September 24th, you can check it out below.

What is the glass onion plot?

The sequel’s plot is largely unknown, even after the first trailer was released. What we do know is that Rian Johnson mentioned “multiple murders” in the same post he shared on her Twitter on his first day on set. glass onion.

Netflix’s official synopsis reads:

Tech billionaire Miles Bronn invites his friends for a vacation on his private island in Greece. When someone is found dead, Detective Benoit Blanc gets involved in the case.

Is there Knives Out 3?

We don’t usually get good news before the release of the first sequel, but Netflix is ​​full of surprises.The $450 million deal they signed with Rian Johnson includes both glass onion When knife out 3, Johnson will write and direct again.Daniel Craig to return knife out 3although the second sequel was a separate production and was not filmed back-to-back. glass onionSo please wait for the third time knife out movie.

Considering how successful knife out many people wanted to see glass onion Matches its predecessor. And now that there are some early reactions from critics who have seen the film, it seems those people will be happier. Ross Boname We call it ‘bigger, crazier’ and ‘more twisted’.

Read an excerpt from Collider’s Glass Onion review

As mentioned above, the response to glass onion It has an impressive score of 91% on Rotten Tomatoes and 81% on Metacritic. Ross Bohnheim, reviewing the films for Collider, gave the film an A rating. Read an excerpt from the review or Click here to read the full article:

If knife out It was Johnson’s way of reframing mystery films. glass onion It’s Johnson’s way of defying genre expectations yet again, withholding details, delivering some sooner than expected, and completely upending what audiences believe is coming next. is.When glass onionJohnson proves himself to be a movie buster of the highest order. Release date, cast, trailer, and everything we know so far

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