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Overwatch 2 Status Update: Blizzard Changes SMS Requirements, Addresses Bugs

The Overwatch 2 community manager joined the game’s official forums to overwatch 2 status updateIn this post, the game’s turbulent launchand how Blizzard intends to address these issues.

The first problem the post addressed was overwatch 2‘s SMS requirements. Prior to the update, every Overwatch 2 player was required to connect their mobile phone to his Battle.net account in order to make the individual more accountable for cheating and bad behavior. However, after many players expressed dissatisfaction with the system and criticized it for being exclusive, Blizzard nearly scrapped the existing player policy.

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“The majority of our console community (players who have Overwatch connected to their Battle.net account, including console players who played after June 9, 2021) are no longer required to meet SMS Protect requirements.” wrote Blizzard. “For PC players who have played the original Overwatch, this requirement has been removed.”

The post then referred to yesterday’s server shutdown and said it was necessary for two reasons. Blizzard added that these shutdowns allowed him to quadruple server capacity and reduce login queues. Early signs point to Overwatch 2’s servers being much healthier than before, but Blizzard wrote that this weekend will be the game’s “biggest test yet.”

For those of you dealing with issues related to account merging (including your Overwatch collection not successfully transferring to Overwatch 2), Blizzard stressed that no skins or other cosmetics were lost, and resolved the issue. Thankfully yesterday’s database upgrade should expedite the process.

The post then addresses a few other bugs and warns players that matchmaking times may increase before thanking players for their patience.

“We understand that the launch experience has been frustrating for many in our community. We deeply appreciate your patience and appreciate your support. We are focused on improving the Overwatch 2 experience for our players.”

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https://www.gamespot.com/articles/overwatch-2-status-update-blizzard-makes-changes-to-sms-requirement-addresses-bugs/1100-6508132/?ftag=CAD-01-10abi2f Overwatch 2 Status Update: Blizzard Changes SMS Requirements, Addresses Bugs

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