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How to Create Simple and Effective Product Videos in 2022

Over the years, we all have witnessed product videos going viral on social media while others disappearing in the crowd. Some product videos turn out to be dry as Sahara, others are high on entertainment but much less on the information. Most look straight out of a television commercial, and that might be the worst category to fall into. These observations beg the question – how to create a stand-out product video that strikes the perfect balance between entertaining and informative. That is the answer you are going to get in this article.

Types of Product Videos

Explainer Videos

Explainer videos also known as the how-to style videos answer the “what” question behind your product. They showcase your product in the best way possible while explaining what problem your product solves. Explainer videos work best when your customer is in the middle of the sales funnel. They are already ahead of the awareness stage and are now at the consideration stage.

The explainer video gives more information compared to a product teaser or a promo. It invites the customer in and connects their pain points to your product. The entire video has to be more about practicality and less about glamour.

Teaser/Promo Videos

All those television advertisements we have grown up watching as teasers and promos to the product. These videos tap into the viewer’s emotions of beauty, hunger, wealth, or prestige. For example, melted chocolate being swirled on fingers and relished in delight.

Teaser videos can appear at both top and bottom of the buyer’s funnel. At the start of the funnel, it may pique the user’s interest and at the bottom, it would make the user feel like they are a part of this magical product and would remain loyal customers to all the future versions of the product.

Demo Videos

A demo product video does not convince a user to buy, instead, it is more about how a product works in detail. These are step-by-step videos showing how to use the product or service for a specific task or to solve a specific problem. Demo videos are especially useful for SAAS-based companies who can create a library of demo videos each one showing how to perform a specific action, use a specific feature, or achieve a specific goal.

Tips for Creating High-Converting Product Marketing Videos

Creating your first product video can be intimidating. If you are not sure what the basic guidelines are, here are six actionable tips for creating a product video that will stand out from the pack and win over your audience.

Keep It Short

Any marketing video, regardless of its style and purpose, should be kept short in line with the short attention span of audiences. Anywhere between 30 to 90 seconds is an ideal time. In some cases, product videos can be longer up to 5 minutes. However, this kind of longer product video cannot be used for television promos or Youtube ads. These will serve more for entertainment purposes. In most cases, keep the video length short.

Create Visual Interest

The entire idea of creating a product video is to make your product look interesting and appealing to the audience. Hence, you need to achieve that creatively. For example,

  • If your product is a food item, use ingredients as supporting visuals.
  • If your product is a cold beverage, use ice and frosted visuals to create thirst-quenching emotions.
  • If your product is a SAAS-based platform, tour the inside of that platform and how a customer would engage on a regular basis.

Show and Tell

Do not just flaunt your shiny, new product in the video. Instead, show how your product fits into the customer’s lifestyle.

In your video, aim to answer questions like what problem is your product solving, how does it enrich your customers’ lives, etc. Make sure your audience feels like they need to have the product they are seeing. Invoke an emotional response in them by implementing the following tips:

  • Give an ideal 360-degree glance at your product.
  • Provide different dimensions to showcase how large, heavy, or feather-light your product is.
  • Social proof or customer testimonials to establish why your product is better than the competitors.

Shoot With Excellence

Gone are the day when heavily investing in video agencies was needed to create stunning product videos. In today’s lightning-paced marketing world, small business owners need to be on their toes to produce content faster and more efficiently.

  • Simple background – Remember that you are not selling the background. Choose a simple flat lay or a white background for your product videos when in doubt.
  • Use consistent lighting – Even if natural lighting may sound inexpensive and appealing, it can be highly unreliable and finicky. Therefore, stick with good old studio lighting.
  • Fancy equipment – You do not need a DSLR to produce clear videos. Just use your phone’s portrait mode against your minimalist background to get high-quality product shots in a few minutes.

Edit Like a Pro

You could have the most stunning shots captured on heavy-duty, professional equipment, but a badly edited video can have people clicking on the X in no time. Using an easy online video editor, you need to:

  • Clean up background noise.
  • Cut out awkward pauses.
  • Add background music and transitions.
  • Edit your video multiple times to ensure you have the best possible version.

Include Call-To-Action

There is no point in creating a promotional video without including a call-to-action in the end. Your CTA should urge your audience to take the action you want them to take. For example:

  • Visit your website.
  • Visit your social media.
  • Scan a QR code.
  • Buy a product.

Whichever CTA you choose, make sure to include it naturally inside the video, preferably at the end. If you do not add a call-to-action, you are missing the whole point of creating a marketing video, and you also will not be able to measure the performance of your video.

Key Takeaways

Keep your video to the point, creative and human for the most successful product video. Just showcase the unique selling point of your product and try to be helpful, even if everyone else is doing the same with their product videos. Remember, customers are not going to journey through your entire sales funnel. They want to know the top benefits of your product and how to buy it, that’s it.

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