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How Can You Turn Toolboxes for UTEs into a Profitable Business?

UTEs, or Utility vehicles as they are also well-known, are transportation devices commonly used by ordinary people who didn’t buy them because they can make profits out of them. However, we live in some highly difficult times, and lots of people lost their jobs and are looking for new opportunities.

If your field of expertise isn’t wanted in any industry out there at the moment, and you have a UTE, then you might want to consider using it to start your own business. All you have to do is install tool boxes in the back and make the most of them.

There are many different tool boxes for UTEs, and you’ll want the ones that will help you create a successful business. Depending on what you choose, you can visit the toolboxes for UTEs manufacturers and order one custom-made just for your needs.

In this article, we’re sharing a couple of ideas that will help you start your business and be successful in it by using nothing more than your UTE with an add-on of the right tool boxes in the back. Follow up and see some ideas.

1. Use it for a mailing business

Australia has been in lockdown for a long time. Many businesses managed to continue their work through delivering the goods via mail, or better said by delivery services. This industry has seen a lot of open jobs since the pandemic started, and there’s work non-stop in this industry.

You have lots of choices when it comes to running a mailing business. You can install toolboxes, canopies, or flat plate drawers that will help you get the mail organized. Sometimes you’ll need to transport only envelopes, but other times it will be much bigger items and packages.

2. Transfer pets from one place to another

You can find excellent dog cages that are installed on the back of your UTE. Using them to transport pets from their owners to another place can be a highly profitable business. Pet owners love these animals very much and are ready to provide the best possible care for them.

That means you’ll never be without a job. Of course, you need to be skilled in treating animals, and you need to get some additional equipment, like leashes, collars, hand gloves, etc. If you think you can be good at this job, be sure that it may turn highly profitable.

3. Offer removal services

Not everyone who needs a removal will need a 10-meter truck but will want a smaller vehicle to transport some of the crucial items in the old apartment. Put your vehicle on the many online websites where services are offered, and see how people hire you constantly.

Having a UTE and using it for removal is a much easier job than driving a giant truck. Additionally, it has a lot less responsibility, and you’ll do the job faster. At the same time, the money is still good considering the amount of time you’ll spend on the job.

4. Portable charging station for electric automobiles

A rising trend in the world, and Austria too, of course, is the usage of electric automobiles. They spend no gas and don’t pollute the air with carbon, but have one flaw, and that’s to risk draining the battery without a chance to refill it before you get home.

Installing generator toolboxes with actual generators inside will provide portable help for everyone stuck on the road. This will be a growing business without a doubt, and starting it among the first ones out there is the best idea you can have.

5. Portable repair centre

Another thing that many people face as a problem is a need for a mechanic when your car breaks down on the road. If you’re a skilled one, you may turn this into a profitable business. Set up a perfect toolbox filled with all the tools you need, and be available 24/7.

People that get their cars broken on the road will call you and ask for your services. You can charge much higher amounts than usual mechanic shops because you’re offering service on the spot. For this, you need pro toolboxes that will have all the items stored perfectly.


If you’re struggling with unemployment and thinking about using your UTE to get regular income, you can use some of these ideas from above to do it.

Different types of jobs are available, so you should just think about what works best for you. After you choose one, invest in the additional equipment going with the toolboxes, and put your name out there. Very soon, you’ll see how the workload grows, and you’re getting more and more income.

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