Golang vs. Python – Is Python Better Than Golang in 2022?

 The IT industry has become a dominating one in the 21st century. It improves and develops extremely fast, rewarding us with sophisticated technological wonders. The web development market is a field for severe competition between the developers, designers, and other staff related to web products building. 

  Programming language is the basis of any website or application. Just like English it makes web products `express themselves`. No wonder that with the flow of time new programming languages continue to appear. There are several of them actively used for web development. Golang and Python languages are among two most sophisticated programming languages. Both of them have a number of proponents among the developers. However, there are a lot of people arguing which one is better. To put an end to the golang vs python battle our team has written this article. Below you will find information about basic features, advantages, and disadvantages of Python and Golang programming languages.

All you have to know about Golang

 Golang or simple go is a commonly used programming language developed by Google. Launched in 2009, it is an open-source language. The Go language was designed for building highly efficient programs that run on modern distributed systems and multi-core processors. This language was created as an alternative to such server-side ones as Java and C++. Golang is a perfect tool for building products connected with networking.

 The popularity of this language can be explained by a variety of applications it is used for. For example, it is perfect for the development of server-side web products and those based on cloud platforms. It is also used for satisfying science requirements and apps powered by artificial intelligence. However, the most popular field of Golang application is building of infrastructure tools like Docker, Kubernetes, and many others.

Peculiar Golang features

  Golang language has a number of specific features that make it so popular among the developers of mobile applications and websites.

  • Being easy to learn and use

  Among the main advantages of this programming language is that it is relatively easy to use and learn. All developers highly appreciate readability of the written code. What’s more, thanks to being uncomplicated, Golang enables unchallenging maintainability. People working with it don’t add sophisticated features to the products they are working on. They tend to include only essential features so as not to overload the code. 

 Most developers report that they immediately fall in love with go language, because it is comfortable and easy to use. Professionals can quickly find bugs not only in their own, but also other specialists’ codelines.  

  • Rich library 

  Golang can boast of powerful libraries to ease the process of code writing. It comprises all needed stuff for a comfort development process.

  • Scope of application 

 This language is widely used for developing web applications due to its simplicity and speed of compilations. The Golang design and compiler were also built according to these principles. No wonder code writers opt for it so often! What’s more, you can make use of available instructions and tutorials presented on the Internet.

  • Testing facilities 

 Go language provides a “go test” for analyzing the written code, detecting errors, and further debugging. This function is of crucial importance and should be used regularly, not only when the whole process is done. In such a way you will save a great deal of time.

  • Concurrency

 Among the greatest advantages of Golang is that it offers a concurrency feature. It means that a developer can do several tasks parallely. By splitting a screen into two or more parts a developer can scale some large apps or simply do multitasking without losing attention and switching to different pages.

All you have to know about Python?

 Python is a popular programming language of high quality and general application. It is used for a variety of purposes including science, web development, and new-emerging software trends. This language is also easy to learn and maintain. Due to a clear syntax, the code lines are well-readable. The Python codes can be reused. What’s more, all users can get access to a comprehensive library and interpreter for free. 

Python is considered to be one of the most popular versatile programming languages of general purpose. It is also entirely beneficial in terms of needed space. Python products are much smaller than others. Code writers are required to type less, making code easy to read and maintain. If you are not sure whether Python is worth trusting, just keep in mind that it was used by Facebook and Google companies.

  As a developer you can use this programming language for developing web products in procedural and object-oriented paradigms. OOP model lies in forming the design of a software focusing on the object rather than functionality. The object is usually represented by a data field with the specific behavior. Procedural programming model, on the other hand, represents a code splitted into discrete blocks performing the same task. All the processes are carried in a specific order defined by the programmer. 

  Among other beneficial aspects of the Python language is that it comprises a set of comprehensive libraries that are used for the development of web frameworks, mobile applications, test frameworks, scientific computing, etc.

Peculiar Python features

  Like any other programming language, Python has some special features that make it so popular and demanded.

 Being an interpreted language:

  Python is an innovative language that makes the lives of developers easier. While using it a person doesn’t have to manage and memorize the system architecture. All memory issues are also managed automatically. Python is frequently called an interpreted language, since it makes use of an interpreter that transforms the written code into the language appropriate for the understanding by a processor.

  1. Easy to master

 Developers opt for this language because it is easy to read, understand, and write. It can be explained by a simple syntax. In most education establishments Python is used for education students. However, it can satisfy the demands of some large companies. 

  1. Dynamic language

 Unlike Java, Python is a dynamic language. It allows you to define data types, parse, and compile directly at the stage of the program execution. The data type is determined by the language without your interference. It makes the developers’ lives easier, but can lead to the runtime bugs.

  1. Being a flexible language

  Some codes of the Python programming language can be written in  C or C++ ones. Moreover, these code lines can run on numerous platforms without any alterations. In such a way the code written in Python will be equally suitable for Mac, Linux, etc.

  1. Availability 

 Being an open-source language it is available for all Internet users on a website. Anyone can download and make use of it for free. You can also share the code if needed.

  • Graphical user interface support 

  GUI stands for giving users the ability to interact with a program thanks to a pointing device which operates widgets presented on a computer screen. The Python GUI is an application programming interface that allows users to develop user interfaces with the help of native modules like PyQt5 and wxPython.

  • Tutorials

  Python has a number of fans among the developers. Due to this there are a lot of communities and tutorials on the Internet. Thanks to such powerful support, the Python programming language is a good option for beginners.

 Golang or Python?

 At first sight these two programming languages seem similar, however there are numerous differences as well. Python was created more than 20 years ago, while Golang appeared in 2012 and is relatively new one. Developed by Google, Go was an alternative with high performance to other languages.

 Both of them have their strong and weak sides. Golang is considered to be faster and easier for understanding. It is also better in terms of scalability and can perform a few tasks simultaneously.

 Python, on the other hand, can boast of a competitive performance. It copes with basic development tasks efficiently. This programming language is a great choice for the development of data analysis and artificial intelligence products. Among other advantages of Python is a great number of libraries and an enormous community that supports them. 

 The chosen language should depend on your purposes. Golang is exactly for you if you are going to work with vast data flows. It is also a better option for the development of microservices architecture. What’s more, if speed is a determining factor for you, then Golang is exactly for you. 

  However, if your aim is to build a product making use of AI or Machine learning, Python programming language is a must! Due to a recent survey, Python is the most popular means for writing codes. 

 Anyway, both these languages continue to develop and improve. Golang is more suitable for beginners and people developing some basic apps and websites. For those who build web products with sophisticated features Python is the best option.


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