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First Offspring will hold another beta in August

Nexon Korea has revealed details of its third-person co-op action RPG shooter ‘The First Descendant’, confirming that cross-platform beta testing will take place in August. This new beta includes single-player and co-op story missions and an updated gameplay experience.

With the Xbox Game Showcase Extended, Nexon says players can expect an updated user interface, several quality of life changes, improved game performance, and a new giant boss raid against the Colossus for up to four players. said.

Additionally, players of The First Descendant will have the opportunity to play as Valby and Kyle, two never-before-seen characters with unique skills and abilities featured in a new gameplay trailer. . To participate in the beta, please visit: Register from the Nexon web page your interest. The First Descendant beta will run from August 22nd to 28th and will be playable on PC, Xbox and PlayStation consoles via cross-play.

The First Descendants is set in the world of Albion, which is under siege by alien invaders known as Vargas. As one of the empowered Descendants, the player must fight back against alien armies and the mighty Koros in strategic boss battles where teamwork and tactics are key to survival. Like several other upcoming games, The First Descendant is being developed in Unreal Engine 5 and is scheduled for release in Q4 2023.

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