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Dragon prince cast and character guide

world of dragon prince Human, dragon, elf, or magic. dragon prince is a high fantasy anime series about two princes working together with an elf assassin to bring peace and unite a kingdom.created by Aaron Ehas (Avatar: The Last Airbender), the series offers a diverse and flourishing fantasy story for all ages.

season 4 of dragon prince Two years into the future of Katrice and Zadia. King Ezran, his brother Callum, and elf friend Layla must team up with the dragon his Queensbeer to defeat the threat of Star Touch his elf Arlavos looming over the series. dragon prince The world is vast and has many characters that must be tracked. Luckily, we created this guide.this is dragon prince Character guide for Season 4.

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Jack de Senna as Prince Karam/Azimondias

Callum and Azimondias voiced by Jack de Senna in Dragon Prince
Image via Netflix

Callum is the older brother of King Ezran and the son-in-law of the late King Harrow. With his brother ascending to the throne, Callum needed to find his purpose. He is hungry for his knowledge and is slowly becoming a powerful mage. His affinity for magic always comes in handy whenever the group gets into trouble. Callum and Rayla’s relationship took a huge leap in Season 3, but it could change a lot as we move into Season 4.

best known as soccine Avatar: The Last Airbender, Jack de Senna Star as Callum. His sense of humor and natural charisma shine through, making him the perfect balance for Ezran and Layla.

De Sena also does the vocals for Azimondias, the young dragon prince. [Zym for short.] Zym is the son of Queen Zubeia and the future king of Xadia. He’s still a toddler, but his connection to King Ezran is inseparable.

Sasha Rogen, King of Ezran

Sasha Rogen as King Ezran in 'Dragon Prince'
Image via Netflix

Ezran has now succeeded as king and has ruled Katrice for some time. The young prince was tasked with leading his kingdom at such a young age, and Ezran takes it step by step. His always optimistic outlook and compassion show that he already possesses all the qualities of a great leader, even if his immaturity continues to manifest itself frequently.

Sasha Rogen (highway to heaven) brings her vocal talents to the role of King Ezran, helping to emphasize the childlike wonder and excitement of the newly crowned king.

Paula Burroughs as Layla/Operi

Layla and Operi, voiced by Paula Burroughs, in Dragon Prince
Image via Netflix

Layla is a Moon Shadow Elf assassin who was initially tasked with assisting in the assassination of King Halo. But her killing is not something she enjoys doing.After finding a dragon egg [later the dragon prince named Zym] She is still intact and allied with Callum and Ezran. Layla is in a completely different place in Season 4, but she has incredible fighting skills and hilarious wit that we’ve come to love.

Her relationship with Ezran, and more importantly Callum, is a key component of this season. Paula Burroughs While continuing to do a great job as Leila, she also voices Operi, one of King Ezran’s closest advisors.

Operi is one of the most respected members of the Cattris High Council and is instrumental in Ezran’s reign as king. Young rulers still need guidance from time to time.

Aaron Ehas as Bate

Bate, voiced by Aaron Ehas, The Dragon Prince
Image via Netflix

Bait is a glowing toad, the pet of King Ezran. King Halo gave Ezran a pet. Because Ezran often has a stronger connection with animals than with humans. Beit becomes Ezran’s best friend and goes on adventures with his main cast. Dragon Prince creator Aaron Ehas lends his voice to the glow-in-the-dark creature.

Jesse Inokara as Soren

Soren-The Dragon Prince

Voiced by Jesse Inokara, Soren A member of Catrice’s elite crownguards. Although Soren is a great swordsman, he did not have the ability to master magic like his father Viren, which made Viren always support Claudia and often see Soren as an idiot. Soren has a goofy side, but he has a good heart and is always happy to help his friends.

Initially an antagonist due to the influence of his father and sister, Soren was able to make his own choices and is now loyal to King Ezran.

Jason Simpson as Viren/Baryus

Varius and Viren, voiced by Jason Simpson in The Dragon Prince
Image via Netflix

Virén managed to survive a fall off a mountain at the end of Season 3, but that doesn’t mean he didn’t get into quite a bit of trouble. hidden. His partnership with Arlavos makes him a constant enemy of Zadia’s country.

Jason Simpson As a villain, he gives a chilling performance, but as Balius, he shows his warm side. The baker is best known for making jelly tarts, Ezran’s favorite treat. Recently, Varius received the title of Minister of Crust and Jelly from King Ezran.

Raquel Belmonte as Claudia

Claudia, voiced by Raquel Belmonte, Dragon Prince
Image via Netflix

Claudia is loyal to her father and does everything she can to protect him. She even found a way to revive him after his fatal fall at the end of the previous season. A master of the arts and specializes in black magic. She has always been favored by her father due to her similarity to him and rivaling him in her order of power. With Aaravos’ help, Claudia could become the most powerful human being in the world.

Raquel Belmonte Gives a great performance as Claudia. She’s sweet and terrifying in a way that’s unmatched. Claudia’s energy works well with both Soren and her father.

Benjamin Callins as Terry

Benjamin Callins to voice Terry in 'Dragon Prince'
Image via Netflix

Terry is a new character introduced in Season 4. dragon princevoice of Benjamin Callins, Terry is Claudia’s boyfriend and aids her in her quest to save her father, Viren. He’s a ground-blooded elf, and he’s as awkward as Claudia. Viren and Claudia kill magical creatures to enhance dark magic, but Terry is nonjudgmental and understanding.

Eric Derams as Arlavos

Aaravos, voiced by Eric Delmus in Dragon Prince
Image via Netflix

The corrupted Startouch Elf, Aaravos, is the big villain of the entire series. At the start of the series, Aaravos was trapped inside a magic mirror by his Archdragons, causing global conflict for thousands of years. Now Aaravos is manipulating Viren as a way to cause greater destruction.

Eric Derams Deliver a chilling performance as Aaravos. The character is not only smart, but also a threat enough to scare the elves and dragons of Xadia.he is the central figure dragon prince season four.the title of the season Mystery of ArlavosWe can’t say much more about his character without detracting from season 4’s major plot points.

General Amaya

General Amaya from Dragon Prince
Image via Netflix

Amaya is the sister of the late Queen Sarai and the aunt of Prince Callum and King Ezran. Together with her sister, she trained Katrice’s army to become the most powerful army in the human kingdom.Amaya is now the General of the Standing Battalion.

After her sister died, Amaya was tasked with guarding the border between Zadia and the Human Kingdom.After the events of the previous season, Amaya is now helping the Queen of the Sunfire Elves, Janai, to unite the kingdom. sign language.

Omari Newton as Corvus

Corvus voiced by Omari Newton in Dragon Prince
Image via Netflix

Omari Newton Voices Corvus, a determined soldier. He is one of General Amaya’s strongest soldiers and has even been tasked with rescuing the supposedly kidnapped princes. He is currently a member of Catrice’s Crown Guard and is tasked with protecting King Ezran.

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Commander Glenn Adrian Petriu

Adrian Petriu as Commander Glenn in Dragon Prince
Image via Netflix

Lieutenant Colonel Glenn serves as Amaya’s right-hand man and interpreter. Glenn is a capable fighter and Amaya’s best friend. Adrian Petriu has the challenging task of voicing Glenn, who voices Amia in most scenes.

Lena Anakwe as Janai

Janai voiced by Lena Anakwe in Dragon Prince
Image via Netflix

Janai is now the ruler of the Sunfire Elves, succeeding his deceased sister Kessa. She wants to continue promoting peace between humans and elves and she is engaged to Armia, she is a sweet soul who wants to do what is right. Lena Anakwe Voice the fierce warrior queen and give her everything.

Nicole Oliver as Queen Zubeia

Queen Zubeia, voiced by Nicole Oliver in The Dragon Prince
Image via Netflix

Zubeia is the Dragon Queen and the mother of Jim, the titular Dragon Prince. The mission at the start of the series was for Callum, Ezran, and Layla to deliver unhatched eggs to the Queen. However, after Jim was hacked, despite his attachment to Ezran and the team, they had to return the young prince to his mother.

Zubeia is dignified and caring. She loves watching humans, elves and dragons work together after years of war.She knows how dangerous her Aaravos is and she wants to save him as best she can. I will help you stop. Nicole Oliver Playing a powerful queen and giving an equally strong performance.

https://collider.com/dragon-prince-season-4-cast-characters/ Dragon prince cast and character guide

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