Dog Walking Gear Every Dog Walker Needs

Dog walkers have an enviable job. They get to spend time with everyone’s best friends, meet different people, and take long walks outside. You’d think they want for nothing. 

However, while dog walkers may have one of the best jobs in the world, they certainly have their challenges too. Walking out in the cold, while one or many of the dogs may be extremely excited by their surroundings, isn’t fun at all. Neither is walking in the dark when the dogs are more alert to their environment and so pay less attention to commands. 

Which job doesn’t have its challenges, right? This is where tools, gear, and gadgets come in. This list of dog walking gear will make for a happier, easier walk for you and the dogs you are in charge of.

Flashlights or Headlamps

We all (including the dogs, we think) wish we could be out in the sun all day. Us, admiring nature. Dogs, chasing squirrels. Of course, that does not happen. Dog walkers, or pet owners,  often need to take the dogs out in the early morning or late night hours. 

This is why flashlights are one of the most important things for dog walkers to carry on them. While even smaller everyday carry or keychain flashlights work in case of an emergency, headlamps are best for dog walking.

When you may be holding one or many leashes while also scooping up pet waste, you won’t be able to hold onto a flashlight too. Instead, use a headlamp to light up the path you are on and direct light straight ahead of you. 

Some headlamps come with reflector headbands, which are an important safety accessory while you are walking dogs. 

Dog Treats

You’ve heard the saying, ‘a well-trained dog is a happy dog’. We couldn’t agree more! As a dog person you may also know that loving dogs and training dogs can go hand-in-hand. Their soulful eyes and humanlike instincts of loyalty and affection may make us feel otherwise, but dogs are animals and they constantly need training. 

One of the best times to train dogs is when you are out walking with them. Carry training treats and continue to positively reinforce good habits, such as responding to “heel”, “sit”, and “wait”. These are basic and essential commands that everyone handling a dog should know. An experienced dog handler will always carry treats to reward their dog’s good behavior. How else will your dog know that it’s them who is a good dog!?

Water Bowl

All that excitement, tugging, and maybe even visiting the dog park to meet friends is sure to leave Fido panting. Make sure to carry a water bowl so your dog is comfortable on their walks, and you don’t have to call the dog owners because Fido has decided to rest on the road on a hot summer day. 

Retractable water bowls can fit anywhere. Slip them into your dog training bag, or even clip them to your dog’s leash. 

Fanny Pack

You’ll never regret carrying a fanny pack around your waist. We know the fashion jury may still be out on bigger fanny packs, but you will be glad you are carrying one on you. It’s a catch-all bag for you to store dog treats, poop bags, a hand sanitizer, and even slip in a couple of water bottles you and your dog will need.

Not only are fanny packs great to store everyday items you are sure to need on a dog walk, but they are also good to keep your earphones, keys, phone, and anything else you may have on hand. 

Dog walking can often be demanding, but it is also rewarding. Arm yourself with these accessories to ensure a comfortable experience for yourself and your dog. 

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