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Disco Elysium’s main developer left the company ‘involuntarily’ [Update: ZA/UM Responds]

ZA/UM, the developer, Disco Elysium The team reluctantly left the studio.

In a statement to IGN, a ZA/UM spokesperson emphasized that Disco Elysium is a team effort and said development continues with the studio’s next game.

“Like any video game, the development of Disco Elysium has always been and remains a collaborative effort, and the contributions of all team members are essential and valued as part of a larger whole. Other than ZA/, we have nothing to comment on.The UM creative team continues to focus on developing our next project and we are excited to share news about this with you very soon.”

Martin Luiga’s message followed by Robert Kurwitz, Helen Hindpere and Alexander Rostov They confirmed they were no longer in the studio. No further information was provided regarding the status of the departure.

According to Martin Luiga, editor of ZA/UM’s Disco Elysium, key members of the company, including lead writer and designer Robert Kurvitz, writer Helen Hindpere, and art and design lead Aleksander Rostov, called the company “involuntary.” ” retired. Method.

Luiga shared an update, “He, a founding member and secretary of the ZA/UM Cultural Association and most assembler of the core team, hereby dissolves the ZA/UM Cultural Association,” it said. Luiga also states that these three core members of his “haven’t worked for ZA/UM since late last year and were unwilling to leave the company.” Plus, this “seems like bad news for our dear fans waiting for a sequel to Disco,” he says.

The ZA/UM Cultural Association said that unlike the studio ZA/UM that developed Disco Elysium, Luiga chose to disband the cultural organization because it “no longer represents the spirit in which it was founded”. I’m here.

“People and ideas are permanent. Organizations can be temporary,” Luiga continued. “The organization was successful overall, and most of the mistakes we made were accidental and dictated by the socio-cultural conditions into which we were thrown. was almost absent.For a while it was beautiful.Thank you so much to everyone who cheered us on.”

In a comment on the post, Luiga appears to place some of the blame for the situation on ZA/UM investors, but also acknowledges that Disco Elysium might not have happened without them in the first place. I’m here.

“Imagine kleptomania, if you will,” Luiga said. “But instead of stealing Lollipop, they manipulate dozens of people to end up stealing it from themselves because they happen to be very skilled at that kind of manipulation. One of them was the first man in Estonia to be convicted of investment fraud.

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