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Diablo 4 – All Base Locations

diablo 4 Fortresses are small, open dungeon-style areas that players can visit to earn great rewards such as Fame and XP. These typically include a series of tasks that players must complete before challenging the stronghold bosses and earning rewards. Luckily for the player, arriving at each fortress location presents a task, so all the player really needs to do is find that particular location.

Each region of the map in Diablo 4 has 3 strongholds, for a total of 15. If the player wants to find them all, he must reveal the specific area he is in. You could spend hours doing this yourself, but it’s easier if you know the location of the fortress beforehand. Below you can see exactly where all 15 strongholds are located on the map of Sanctuary in Diablo 4.

All Diablo 4 bases

Describe by region and state/describe the exact area of ​​the map where your base is located. Since Diablo 4 is an open-world game, players can choose to visit any one of the bases at a specific time regardless of location. I am in the story.

However, as far as we know, strongholds almost always have enemies and bosses that are 2-3 levels above the player’s current level. This is to add additional difficulty to the area. I’ve confirmed that any stronghold can be completed as a solo player, even at world tier 2, but it’s pretty challenging no matter what the build is.

Citadel of Fractured Peaks

The three bases of Fractured Peaks are located to the north, southwest, and east of Kyovashad.

Ko Dragan – North of the Kovashad and Salkova Passes, Kol Dragan marks the northernmost point of the Fractured Peaks. Vampires are infested here, and he is one of the only fortresses where no enemies appear above his current level.

Nostrava – Located in the southwestern part of the Fractured Peaks, Nostrava sits above Nevesque, the starting point. This stronghold will not feature high-level enemies and will serve as a Diablo 4 vendor base once completed.

Marnok – Located due east of Kyovashad and north of Gale Valley. Drink cold resistance as this stronghold will have enemies two levels above you and will take advantage of the ice enemies. Elixir before entering.

The base is located at the location of the red devil icon on the map.

Skosgren Fortress

Skosgren is where the Fortress begins to increase in difficulty, requiring players to navigate dangerous terrain to reach parts of the Fortress. All bases here have enemies of a higher level than the player.

Mooden Lodge – Located in the northeast corner of Skosglen, Moordane Lodge is just outside the Red Marsh that players will eventually visit in the Diablo 4 campaign.

Light of hope – Looking at the map below, you can see that Hope’s Light is all the way to the top of the screen. The location of the base is not exactly accurate as I was unable to fit the top of the area in the screenshot. Hope’s Light Stronghold is located on a peninsula off the northern tip of Skoglen and requires the player to parkour to enter it.

Turdula – Skosglen’s last stronghold is on the west side of the region, just north of the Dry Grasslands.

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dry steppe fortress

Dry Steppe Fortresses are much more compact than other regions, so they are easier to move around.

Onyx Watchtower – Located near the center of Drystep, south of the main town of Kedo Baldu, this stronghold can be entered in a few different ways, and can be escaped if the player gets too low on health.

Temple of Corruption – In our opinion, this was one of the most difficult strongholds in Diablo 4, as players have to deal with multiple toxic enemies and a very difficult boss fight.

Ruins of Kara Is – The last stronghold of the Dry Steps is located in the southwestern corner of the region, just off the road leading to Fractured Peaks.

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Kehistan Fortress

The desert can be an unforgiving place, and Kezistan has some very challenging fortresses.

Altar of Doom – Located in the northwest corner of the region, this stronghold can be a bit of a challenge to reach unless the player follows the path along Sanctuary’s west coast.

Alcarnus – You’ll find it as soon as you enter the Kezistan region from the center of Sanctuary. Alcarnus features a relatively large area and some tedious tasks before challenging the boss.

Fortress of Omas – It is difficult to go further south than the fortress of Omas. You should specifically look for this fortress if you want to complete it.

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Hauser Fortress

It’s the last region you’ll visit in Diablo 4 (unless you follow the main storyline). Hawezar has some of the most fortified strongholds in Sanctuary.

Crusader Monument – It lies north of Hawesar’s main town of Zabinzet and to the west of the entire region.

Vielsez – A fortress in the middle of a swamp, Vielsez is not for the faint of heart. To find it, you need to travel to the southernmost point of the area.

Cremation of Eliman – Eriman’s Pyre, a fierce fortress north of Hawezar, is full of fire-damaging enemies.

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And that’s true for all bases currently in Diablo 4. Most are not hard to find, but some can be difficult to get into, and all of them will definitely test your skills to the max.

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