Reducing Waste in London – A Big Help to Our Environment

There is a lot to do to make a difference in our environment every day. No matter where you are, at home or at work, there are many ways to go green.

The first place from which change begins is your home. Learn how to reduce, reuse and recycle materials to reduce waste in your home. Take a look at the following tips to get started.

Reducing Waste in London - A Big Help to Our Environment

Moving & Cleaning

  • Do research to sell toys, clothes, electronics or other items you no longer need.
  • Use moving items such as boxes or plastics that are at a high level of recycling. These materials may be reused later by other persons for the same needs.
  • Make sure you properly dispose of any recyclable and non-recyclable items that you wish to get rid of. Ask the experts for same day rubbish removal in London so that the waste goes to the right place as soon as possible without being distributed throughout the environment.

Lawn and Garden

  • Composting at home is important. Use food waste and other organic waste in the soil to increase water retention and reduce erosion. This method keeps organic waste away from landfills.
  • When mowing, “grass” by leaving pieces of grass on your lawn instead of piling it up. The cuttings will return nutrients to the soil instead of taking up space in the landfills.
  • After a fireplace save the ash created by burning wood. Wood ash can be mixed into your compost pile and provide nutrients to your garden.

Home Improvement

  • Clean and properly store tools, toys and outdoor furniture to protect them from damage and keep them out of landfills.
  • Use recyclable paper, glass and other recoverable materials to insulate certain items.
  • Batteries generally have high mercury content. Use low-mercury batteries to make them easy to dispose of and reduce hazardous waste.


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