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CoD: Modern Warfare 3 Will Have Over 30 Weapons And Detailed Stats In Gunsmith

Activison’s Call of Duty Next event is currently ongoing with live gameplay of this year’s Modern Warfare 3, and today’s multiplayer announcement includes new details about the weapon pool, gun customization, and more. Here’s everything we’ve learned about the weapons and Gunsmith so far.

Modern Warfare 3 will feature over 30 weapons, including the return of guns like the ACR assault rifle from 2009’s Modern Warfare 2 and the Renetti pistol from Modern Warfare 2019. These weapons have their own unique mastery camos to unlock, but as previously announced, players can “carry forward” all of the weapons, camos, operator skins, and most cosmetics from Modern Warfare 2.

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Call of Duty’s Gunsmith customization feature returns in Modern Warfare 3, offering customization with attachments and detailed weapon-tuning. This year’s Gunsmith adds new layers to customization with detailed weapon stats for each attachment, so players can better see how the various attachments impact their weapon, and there are also new aftermarket parts that can be unlocked for greater customization. Detailed weapon stats are not available in Modern Warfare 3’s upcoming beta, but should be in game at launch.

As previously announced, aftermarket parts are unique parts separate from the normal attachments found in Call of Duty’s weapon customization. These will completely change how a weapon feels by altering the way a weapon fires, the rate of fire, as well as potentially the fire type of the gun.

Call of Duty Next is also announcing details about Zombies, Warzone, and maybe there will be a few surprises. Here’s how you can watch the live reveal. Make sure to check out everything we’ve learned about Modern Warfare 3 so far, including campaign details, Zombies storyline, and more.

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