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Click here for the first Avatar 2 review

This is the first review in 13 years.

(Technically, movie 13 years in the making. These reviews were written by him 30 seconds after the movie ended. )

New for the first time in over 10 years Avatar movies in theaters, and new James Cameron Movies in theaters to boot. Avatar: Path of Water The story of Jake Sully (Sam Worthington) and Neytiri (Zoe Saldana) continues years after the first film, now as parents to their own families. From there, various Pandora pranks follow.

It was road of water Is it worth the wait (for water)? The film’s first social media reviews arrived online tonight, hours after the film’s first press screenings were held and about ten days before the film premiered in theaters. With all the incredible visuals you’d expect from James Cameron and the director, he said the film more than lived up to the hype. Avatar A movie that he spent almost ten years writing, shooting and producing. They also praised his 3D and character (although there were some less positive tweets and less encouraging remarks in that department.)

Avatar: Path of Water
20th century studio

Click here for the collection of Avatar: Path of Water Reviews so far:

Avatar: Path of Water
20th century studio
Avatar: Path of Water
20th century studio

Avatar: Path of Water Exclusively released in theaters on December 16th.Full movie reviews and new Avatarwill be online next week.

2022’s most ridiculous character poster

Maybe you don’t need to make posters for every character in every big movie? You decide for yourself.

https://screencrush.com/avatar-2-reviews/ Click here for the first Avatar 2 review

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