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A new ‘Terminator’ movie is being discussed

in the meantime James Cameron didn’t direct a movie in between Avatar When Avatar: Path of Waterwhere he produced and co-wrote several titles, including the latest terminator movie, Dark Fate. Despite Cameron’s involvement and the roles of franchise heavyweights Arnold Schwarzenegger and Linda Hamilton, the film was not a hit. Cameron’s recent attributions To make a “Grandpa’s Terminator movie” and be “short-sighted” about what they created and what today’s moviegoers think about it.

But terminator The movie has flopped before, but it keeps coming. (There are currently 6 people. terminator If you’ve lost count, in a recent appearance in the movie. smart dress Podcast (via playlist), Cameron revealed yet another terminator It is “under consideration”.

Here’s what he had to say on the subject:

Avatar movies are about the environment. I’m not dealing with AI. If he does appear in another Terminator movie and tries to relaunch that franchise, it’s being discussed, but nothing has been decided. I’d rather think about the AI ​​side of things than bad robots going crazy.

As Cameron’s comment suggests, he terminator series. (Likewise, he should; he doesn’t you If you’ve ever created one of history’s most beloved sci-fi movies, do you have a love for it? The sequel tried to get around it in a few different ways. While the apocalypse is delayed, the characters sometimes claim that the apocalypse is still coming.in the case of terminator: salvation, they actually made an apocalyptic movie that didn’t turn out great.a little late Friday the 13th movies; sure, it might be fun to see Jason Voorhees running around and slashing people around, but you got scared his Jason X? not really. The stakes have dropped slightly.

At least Cameron was right about making a new movie about AI instead of killer robots.same old terminator it doesn’t work anymore.Meanwhile, Cameron’s new film Avatar: Path of Water is being performed in the theater. He has three more of these things he still wants to make. terminator in addition.

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