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8 Tips to build customer relationships through social media

Social media is a great tool to connect with your customers if you’re planning to work on your customer relationship. If anything the businesses and service providers have understood is that they cannot succeed unless they have a happy and satisfied customer. You need to build a special bond with your customers if you want to achieve their loyalty.

Only working on the product and offering new plans now and then is not enough to keep your customers happy and gain their loyalty. You have to provide an exceptional customer support service too, that is available 24/7/365 to help customers with whatever issue they are facing and a professionally trained staff that is always ready to listen patiently to their customers and provide them helpful answers.

You can take examples from all the top services and companies in the market. These companies thrived due to their quality customer service and the extra efforts they have been putting into their customer service to keep their customers happy.

For instance, the AT&T customer service team excels at what they do, quickly offering useful advicewhich results in a high customer satisfaction rate. Not only do they provide good internet service but also make it easy for their customers to reach out to them if they encounter any technical issue.

Here are 8 tips you can follow to build stronger customer relationships through social media:

Connect directly with your audience

You can connect directly with your customers through the content you put on your social media platforms. Make it humorous, empathetic, and compassionate. Don’t sound like you’re speaking to the masses. Add a relatable touch to your content so that your audience does feel like you’re addressing them.

Add more human touch to your services, so your customers can relate to you and view you more than a service only.

Create a special customer service profile

Apart from a promotional social media profile make a specific one that is solely dedicated to customer support and caters to all the customer service-related stuff. Introduce easy chat options through that profile so that your customers get an extra option to reach out to you when they have queries or whenever they encounter any issue. You can use Facebook messenger Chabot for that purpose.

Create a Twitter account individual for handling customer service requests only as many people tend to reach out to customer service through their tweets.

Ask for your customer’s feedback

After you have given your best to your customer, ask for their feedback too. When you ask your customer for their feedback not only do they feel special and valued, but it also helps you to gather information about your customers’ opinions.

People on social media love to share their opinions online, your audience will also be willing to share their thoughts if you encourage them to. You can ask them directly at the end of a chat, or conversation to leave their feedback, put rating stars on your page,or create a poll or survey online through which you can get to know about their experience with your service.

Implement their feedback

When a customer leaves feedback on your profile they expect you to read it and implement their opinions to your services. And this is exactly what you should do. Once you know what your customers are expecting from you, deliver it.

Try to improve areas where your service and product lacks. If a customer can notice negative aspects of your service then they will definitely not miss noticing and highlighting the positive changes too.

Publicly highlight positive feedback from your customers

Whenever a customer leaves a very encouraging and positive note as feedback on your profile, share it publicly with the rest of your audience. This will not only add up to your positive brand image but also make that customer feel special for valuing their word.

Respond promptly

Just being present on social media is not good enough. You have to prove your presence. Respond promptly to your customers. It’s one of the best ways to keep your customers happy and satisfied. Whether they come at you with a complaint, a question, or an issue, come up with a quick response and try to be as helpful as you can.

Even if you cannot be available 24/7, provide a schedule when you’ll be responding and ensure your presence at that time.

Provide them insight through using ephemeral content

Nothing your customers will love more than being included with you in your journey. Ephemeral content is a great way to do that. Make a Snapchat account, put on stories where you show them behind the scene struggles. Show them a unique side of your business.

Instagram stories and Facebook stories can also be really helpful in providing your customers’ insights into your brand. Share videos of your team working together, and how much effort you put in delivering the best. This will make your customers feel included and show them an original side of yours.

This way you can stand out by being original. Your customer’s loyalty towards the brand and services will also boost after sharing a unique online experience with you through social media.

Wrapping it up:

Social media is the best tool to turn your customers into your online family. Just by following these few helpful tips, you can make your customers happy and always remember! Happy customers will spread a good word about your service and always turn back to it when in need. A bunch of loyal customers can help you grow your business and generate more revenue.


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