5 Funky Face Coverings

With respiratory diseases and pandemics increasing since the SARS pandemic in Asia in 2002, it has become common practice to wear a face cover to protect oneself from disease.

Face coverings can be simple or detailed and come in a variety of styles and sizes.

Here are some of the best types of face masks to keep you looking fashionable while offering protection.

Which face mask is right for me?

Before buying a new face mask, think about the option that will suit you the best. Is it comfortable? Must it be clear? Do I require a surgical mask?

Does it fit snugly or does it have adjustable ear loops? Below are 5 types of face coverings to consider.

1) N95 Face Mask

These surgical masks are medical grade and commonly used in hospitals or doctor’s rooms. It filters at least 95% of all airborne particles.

The N95 mask is regulated under U.S. regulations, and are similar to the FFFP2 masks regulated by the European Union.

These masks prioritise function over fashion and are a necessity for public health workers or those exposed to diseases. This type of mask is legally required in some hospitals.

2) Cloth Face Covering

A fabric face mask is an easy solution that you can make at home. For the best protection, it should consist of a minimum of two layers.

Cloth masks allow you to get creative and try different fabrics to match your clothing or accessories.

If you are making the mask yourself, design it so that the elastic straps can be tied behind the ear.

These adjustable straps will allow you to adjust the mask for maximum comfort levels and to prevent it from pushing onto the nose, causing discomfort.

The inner layer should be a thick, plain material, while the outer layer can use prints and colours, so get creative.

There are several online resources to help you make your own cloth coverings with a filter pocket and nose bridge for ultimate protection and comfort.

3) Clear Coverings

Clear face coverings are useful if lip-reading is required, or if you are at a party and practising social distancing (it helps to be able to see lips to figure out what someone is saying!).

These are either worn as face shields or as a standard face mask made from a clear material.

4) Buffs

Buffs, also known as snoods, are extremely versatile and useful accessories when hiking, exercising, or covering your face when using public transport.

Club Snood offers a wide variety of snoods that can be used as face coverings for different sports and outdoor events.

5) Single-use or Reusable face masks

Single-use masks are the ones you throw away after a single use and is more affordable.

Reusable masks are often a higher price, but you can wash these and use them again.

Even though a mask is reusable, it is advisable that you use a fresh one every time you need one – rather throw a worn one in the wash.

Final Thoughts

Whether you want to match your clothing or make a statement, you don’t have to feel inhibited by having to cover your face.

With a wide range of mask types and styles available, you are sure to find a suitable face covering to match your style while keeping you safe from disease.

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