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25 ways to maintain HEART HEALTHY

The story of Apollo began in the heart. In fact, this group pioneered open-heart surgery and cardiac catheterization. In 32 years and 1,55,000 cardiac surgeries, Apollo’s quality of cardiac care continues to inspire, transform and lead by example.

cardiology center and Cardiothoracic Surgery, Apollo Hospital With 14 world-class laboratories, over 400 cardiologists and cardiac surgeons, and 200 cardiac stations, it is one of the largest cardiovascular groups in the world. Not resting on its laurels, the team continues to advance in the field of cardiac care by optimizing its contemporary expertise through ongoing training, education, and clinical practice.

pioneer of cardiac emergency, apollotoday boasts the largest fleet of cardiac-equipped ambulances (or hospitals on wheels) and a highly qualified and skilled nursing and emergency medical team.With the fastest door-to-needle times and the best infrastructure, apollo group Remains the undisputed leader in cardiac care.

25 ways to keep your heart healthy

Heart disease is primarily caused by poor nutrition, a sedentary lifestyle, stress and smoking. But these are factors that each of us can control. Here are some tips to keep your heart healthy.

eat right

  1. Eat in moderation.stop eating on an empty stomach
  2. Eat less, but more often. This will boost your metabolism.your evening meal should be the lightest
  3. Crash dieting can make you feel depressed and irritable. Diets also often lead to nutritional deficiencies. Long-term weight loss is not possible without exercise. Losing body fat is more important than losing weight. Therefore, do not deny yourself your favorite less often
  4. Drink soup before meals.then eat less
  5. Fish contains heart-healthy omega fatty acids. Eating fruits and vegetables every day reduces the risk of heart attack and can also help prevent cancer.try to eat a lot of these things

work on prevention

  1. After age 35, get an annual health check to check and manage your blood pressure, cholesterol and lipids
  2. Alcohol helps dissolve dangerous clots in the blood and can increase levels of good HDL cholesterol.But it should be consumed in moderation
  3. Drinking red wine can reduce your chances of heart disease by up to 60% and even protect against stroke.Good for the blood, has a positive effect on cholesterol, has an effect on arteriosclerosis
  4. no smoking Every 10 seconds someone, somewhere, dies from smoking a cigarette. In fact, his 35% of heart-related deaths are directly related to smoking.
  5. Donating blood frequently every 3-6 months is good for your heart

battle stress

  • Remember that 90% of all stress-causing situations are trivial.Instead of stressing over things you can’t control, focus on what you can control and work towards the results you want.
Don't be a perfectionist.
  • Be a dreamer, but set achievable goals. Don’t be a perfectionist. Accepting that you’re not perfect reduces blood pressure and stress.
  • Express emotions (sadness, anger, joy). Suppressing your emotions increases your risk of a heart attack. Share your worries and stress.don’t cram everything
  • A cheerful and tolerant disposition alleviates heart problems.Think positive and be an optimist
  • Laughter therapy is scientifically proven to be good for your health. Laughter lowers blood pressure, reduces stress, cancer and heart problems
  • Anger can be deadly for heart patients. Anger counseling can help reduce stress by over 70%.learn to control anger
  • Faith extends your life and strengthens your immune system.An active religious believer lives 8 to 10 years longer than a non-practitioner
  • Make time in your schedule for yourself and your family. You will be happier with it.
  • Your work either satisfies you or makes you sick. Over 50% of people suffer from work-related stress.When your job stresses you out or makes you depressed – quit or get counseling
  • Surround yourself with talented people at work.learn to delegate
  • Lack of sleep is bad for your heart. Oversleeping is a sign of depression. 7-8 hours is ideal.Make sure you get enough sleep regularly

stretch the muscles

stretch the muscles
  1. Do not put a TV or computer in your bedroom.TV is one of the leading causes of obesity
  2. Regular exercise improves circulation, reduces body fat, lowers blood pressure, lowers cholesterol, and reduces diabetes. It also fights stress.Exercise also strengthens the heart muscle
  3. Sex, like exercise, should be regular.Twice a week is just as good for your heart as exercising every day
  4. Everyday activities like climbing stairs to carry groceries or gardening are good for the heart.Daily chores like making beds and cleaning the house cut heart attack risk in half

Heart-smart questions to ask your doctor

  • what’s my blood pressure What does it mean to me and what should I do about it?
  • what is my cholesterol level (These include total cholesterol, LDL or bad cholesterol, HDL or good cholesterol and triglycerides.) What do they mean to me and what should I do about them?
  • What are my body mass index and waist measurements? Do they indicate that I need to lose weight for my health?
  • What are my blood sugar levels? Does that mean I’m at risk for diabetes? How often should I have a heart check-up?
  • How much physical activity should I do to protect my health?
  • What is a heart-healthy meal plan for me? Should I consult a registered dietitian or a licensed dietitian for more information?
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