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You are a car with legs on wheels in this new game.

Tired of old school racing games where you have to use rubber wheels like a farmer? Take the next logical step and secure a pair of legs to your car.

Created by the developers of What The Golf? and What The Bat?, What The Car? were released as part of his 20 new games. apple arcadeThe expansion includes already popular App Store games such as Temple Run, Limbo, and PPKP, as well as a number of new games. His one of them is TMNT Splintered Fate, a top-down roguelike game reminiscent of Supergiant Games’ Hades.

Playing: what is the bat? | | Official announcement trailer

The other game included in the package is Disney’s Spellstruck, a crossword-style word game. Cityscapes: Sim Builder is a mobile take on the city-building genre. Farming Simulator 20, his mobile version of the acclaimed simulation series. Kingdom Two Crowns described as a side-scrolling strategy game. Chess Universe, Disney Coloring World, Disney Getaway Blast, Getting Over It, Limbo and more.

Apple Arcade is a mobile subscription service available to users who own Apple devices. It costs $5/month.

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