Xbox Games Showcase Promises No Pre-Rendered CGI Trailers On PS5 Trolls

With no Nintendo and a misfired PlayStation showcase, will Xbox “win” this year’s non-E3 period? (Photo: Microsoft)

Microsoft’s massive showcase already has an advantage over the recent PlayStation 1, as it doesn’t just include pre-rendered trailers.

When it comes to publishing big games, the least popular method is to use pre-rendered CGI trailers. It’s hard to get excited about a new game if the publisher hasn’t shown anything in action.

Sony’s recent playstation showcase was particularly guilty of this, with many of the new reveals showing no in-game footage at all and relying entirely on the cinematics. An established franchise might have been fine, but the likes of Fairgame$ and Concord were newer IPs that failed to generate excitement due to the way they were announced.

This seems to be recognized by Microsoft as well, and this week’s Xbox Game Showcase has no such trailer, and what is shown will include at least some gameplay footage.

This is courtesy of Aaron Greenberg, Microsoft’s Vice President of Xbox Game Marketing, who recently tweeted that the Showcase and subsequent Starfield Direct will be about two hours in length, and that admit Previous rumors about its length.

Several fans responded with comments about the “movie trailer,” but Greenberg promised not to include it in the showcase.

“None of our first-party games in the show are full CG trailers. All are either in-game footage, in-engine footage, or in-game footage with cinematics. , so I think it’s easy for fans to understand,” he says.

Given the The response to the PlayStation showcase was slowMicrosoft is clearly looking to capitalize on that and offer a more engaging preview event.

It’s also more likely that Microsoft tweaked the showcase to leverage the PlayStation event, possibly dropping the previously planned CGI trailer.

Given that the PlayStation and Xbox events are usually only a few days or even hours apart, oddly enough they were two weeks apart, so this would have been a no-brainer.

The fact that Greenberg has revealed this detail suggests that Microsoft sees this as an opportunity to build up the hype and ultimately score a PR victory over Sony.

At least, Microsoft seems to have learned from: Last year’s Xbox Showcase We’re not just talking about games that will be released in the next 12 months.

So it’s entirely possible that we’ll see games like Avowed and Perfect Dark that were announced (along with pre-rendered trailers) but weren’t mentioned again for several years.

We already know that the event will feature a reboot of Fable. Teasing from MicrosoftAnd there may be other similar tips heading into the showcase on Sunday, June 11th at 6pm BST.

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