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World Ocean Day 2022 Quotes| Greetings| Posters| Themes| Status to share: World Oceans Day is a day celebrated every year. September 29th To honor workers in the maritime industry. This day is a day of honor for those who work tirelessly for their country and in the sea life. Life at sea is too difficult for everyone. There is no morning or night here. It’s the challenge of life without the emotional burden, long hours, and emotional attachments.Although this wonderful day was first celebrated in his 1978, International Maritime Organization in 1958It is an industry with a population of 1.5 million, established in 1948 as a shipping organization that oversees world shipping. The organization focuses on sustainable development, green environment and green future for future friends here Wishes, quotes, greetings, posters, World Maritime Day theme Something you can share with your loved ones.

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Key highlights of World Maritime Day 2022

event world ocean day
observation country we
type career, holiday
celebration day September 29th
significance Honoring the efforts and achievements of seafarers
frequency a year
Timeline 1914 – The world’s greatest tragedy Titanic disaster occurs.
1948- The Intergovernmental Maritime Consultative Organization was established under the Geneva Conventions.
1978- World Ocean Day is celebrated
1983 – The World Maritime University is founded in Malmö, Sweden.

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World Oceans Day 2022 theme

The theme for World Marine Day 2022 is “New Technologies for Greener Transportation” It focuses on the sustainable development of marine life.

World Oceans Day Quotes

This is Happy World Maritime Day, a day to honor those who sacrificed all their dreams for their country.

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It’s not that easy. Everyone wakes up with the sunrise, but there is no morning or night. Hats off to all the brave people working in the maritime industry.

This World Maritime Day 2022, celebrate the world’s most efficient and cost-effective way to transport most goods internationally.

This is the responsibility of energy efficiency, new technology and innovation, maritime education and training, and maritime safety. We all celebrate this day as his World Maritime Day 2022.

Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the contribution of World Ocean Day in the global economy?

More than 82% of world trade is transported by the shipping industry, which makes up a large share of the global economy.

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