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Win mind, body and soul with the GOQii Trail Challenge | Kamal Chandran

Imagine an event where each person has their own unique story, even though they have gone through similar paths and adventures. GOQii group head Kamal is about to share his Chandran experience. GOQii Trail Challengein her own words.

looking for a challenge

I recently participated in the GOQii Trail Challenge (GTC) Season 3 in December 2022. When I told my family that I was interested in participating in the trail challenge, their reaction was:Is it crazy to walk 50 km in 18 hours?

But I was excited to go for it. I’m his new employee at GOQii and I’ve heard about GTC and wanted to try it out. Almost 200 people attended Season 3 of his GTC, which resumed after his two-year hiatus due to the pandemic. Everyone was excited, including the participants.

My husband Girish and I have been working hard on our fitness goals for the last two years and were always looking for new challenges, so we decided to join the trail.

The challenge was to walk 50km within the 18 hour time limit. With absolutely no mention or clue as to what was in store for me and how this would change my life, I moved on with an open mind.

the beginning of the journey

The excitement started at the GOQii office on December 9th, the day before the challenge. I tried to gather my courage and motivation by talking to some other novices and veterans during the fun 6 hour bus trip.

GOQii Trail Challenge Kamal 2Arriving at Mandangad Base Camp (Blue Green Exotica), the mood was festive and colorful. The atmosphere was chill, with lots of music and camaraderie, along with instructions, route maps, signs, etc., to keep me in the mood.

Often our inhibitions come into play in such situations. I came to think so”It would be great if we hit 50K, but even if we don’t, we will enjoy and cherish this unique experience.”. After an ‘understanding the trails’ instructional session, we woke up early and went to bed early just to get ready to embark on our 50km trail challenge.

The next day we started the trek at 5:25am, 25 minutes late. This was because he hadn’t noticed the timing in preparation for his long day of walking. This was despite us waking up at 3am. Her toes and heels were nicely taped to prevent blisters, and she applied all sorts of skin precautions recommended by the GOQii team and co-walkers we met the night before.

I also learned a lot about the importance of staying hydrated when walking for long periods of time. Our daypacks were packed with everything we needed: ORS (electrolytes), dried fruits, various creams, and band-aids.

GTC Kamal Chandran The whole route was meditative as I was fully present in my body, mind and soul. I forgot to carry the sticks advised for better navigating the terrain. However, I picked up a suitable bamboo stick on the way and it came in handy. From one checkpoint to the next we enjoyed the journey, the terrain and the beautiful nature that surrounded us.

We came across many pasture-like dry riverbeds, meadows, steep hillocks and sparsely populated villages. All of this is surrounded by the beautiful Sayadori Mountains that can be seen in the distance. The range resembles concentric circles, reflecting the sun’s rays to bring the flora and fauna to life. colour.

GOQii Trail Challenge KamalAfter encountering multiple challenges and enabling different abilities and strategies to overcome them, we were able to cover a distance of 40 km in 14 hours rather slowly but successfully. .


I had to give up the trek at checkpoint 4. Because it took too long for the next steep climb and the trail seemed even steeper.

I haven’t completed the trail, but looking back, I have the following thoughts that I would like to share with you. Here’s what I learned from the GOQii Trail Challenge:

  1. The whole walk was reflective, a repetition of life as a road uphill and downhill.
  2. Keep in mind that time is of the essence. Enjoy your pastime.
  3. Teamwork is very important. We supported each other and enjoyed getting to know new individuals. Savor the experience. Celebrate collaboration.
  4. All obstacles are in your mind, but if you ignore them and keep moving forward, you can achieve extraordinary feats. For example, my friends and family thought I could barely walk 10km, but they were shocked that I could walk or trek 40km.
  5. Take care of yourself! I was under the impression that I was leading a healthy lifestyle until I discovered that I needed plenty of rest and proper nutrition to succeed in this kind of challenge.
  6. Spending time in nature improves physical and mental health. As I meditated at the Mandangad Fort, I felt the sun, wind and earth come together. (I spent almost 45 minutes just meditating, which is probably one of the reasons I was late reaching checkpoint 3)
  7. Every second, or every step, was different, so I had to evolve depending on the terrain and body difficulty. Stop overthinking and pay attention to every step/moment.

The GOQii Trail Challenge will definitely impress me. I heard many stories and learned how people overcame many hurdles.We witnessed the joy of doing his 50 km trek on his 50th birthday, the pain and the pain. I heard stories of disasters. The trail has had a huge impact on our bodies, minds and souls. This experience was so amazing that I can’t describe it in words. it must live.

GTC Kamal Chandran Work is worship for some, earning their daily bread for others. Over the last 20 years, I have observed my transformation through the means of worship. I have been fortunate enough to work with many great organizations and executives to grow into a strong and passionate HR professional.

I have participated in many organized events and programs, but the GOQii Trail Challenge event, very well organized by GOQii professionals, stood out in many ways. Our commitment to our goals in everything we do, our ability to keep our stakeholders directly involved in it, and the experience we provide to every his GOQii player and her GOQiite are our main differentiators. It is part of the transformation factor.

GOQii’s mission is to inspire people to live healthier lives. To that end, we develop a preventive health ecosystem to help, educate and inspire people. I am all geared up for my next experience through the GCC event. GOQii Corporate Challenge.

#BeTheForce Win mind, body and soul with the GOQii Trail Challenge | Kamal Chandran

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