Why do we gain weight in winter?

Have you noticed that it’s easy to gain weight in winter? There are many factors here, but does it apply to everyone? If you’re one of those people who gain weight in the winter, you should know why it happens and take the necessary steps to prevent it. Best!

Let’s analyze the reasons why we gain weight in winter

  1. low water intake: We are not as thirsty as in the summer and we don’t sweat as much, so we tend to drink very little water, making us lethargic and tired easily. Instead, use moisturizers and don’t increase fluid intake, which gives room for dehydration, which leads to frequent infections and headaches and dry coughs.
  2. Lack of exercise: It’s a pleasant winter cold, and it’s a little difficult to get off the couch or bed. This will result in fewer calories being consumed and, as a result, weight gain.
  3. Increased melatonin production: Less sunlight and shorter days affect hormones such that some people tend to produce more of the hormone melatonin, which controls the sleep-wake cycle. It induces sleep when it’s not time to sleep, making you lazy and lacking motivation and energy.
  4. increased metabolism: This sounds great, but it doesn’t really support your winter weight loss goals. A rapid increase in metabolism burns more calories to keep you warm, but it also makes you feel more hungry.
  5. stay indoors: makes us lazy and boring. When we get bored, we start watching binge, followed by comfort eating binge or eating fried foods high in sugar and salt. It doesn’t take a genius to realize that this also contributes to weight gain.

What can I do to prevent weight gain this season?

There are effective ways to break the cycle of more sleep, less healthy food intake, and little or no exercise. I will show you how to not gain weight in winter.

  1. choose food wisely: Choose healthy home-cooked meals such as soups. Choose green tea. You can also add warm, wholesome, natural spices to your meals. Choose foods that you can combine with others or eat at any time of the day. Swap out market-available sauces and other options for homemade hummus and dips.
  2. choose a hobby: Focus on other things such as hobbies, sports, drawing, reading books. You can also clean the house that you have been procrastinating. Instead of looking for solace in food, do something that excites you.
  3. measure sleep time: Helps you maintain sleep timings that set your circadian rhythm so you stay active throughout the day or take a power nap in the afternoon instead of sleeping too long.
  4. exercise: Plan indoor activities and exercises like yoga, skipping, and stair climbing to get more regular and active.In fact you can tune to GOQii play Find in-room workouts with fitness experts and yoga and meditation with yoga experts. You can also create group plans that are less likely to fail. If you can’t find a group, join his GOQii PRO session, live and interactive, conducted by an expert within the GOQii app.

that’s all! Watch what you eat, sleep on time, and exercise regularly to avoid gaining weight over the winter. I hope you found this article useful. Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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