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Why are Sony and other publishers afraid of Elden Ring?

Elden Ring – Are Publishers Avoiding It? (Photo: Bandai Namco)

readers celebrate the success of elden ring And blame the publisher for not following its lead in creating games that challenge its audience.

So Elden Ring completely ruled game awardsIt won four fewer awards than God of War: Ragnarok, but they were all the most important. Best Game Direction, Best Art Direction, Game of the Year (and Best Roleplaying Game). The most important thing God of War gets is the best narrative, which I personally don’t think it deserves (immortality should have won).

What I really love about Elden Ring’s critical and commercial success is that it’s 100% old-fashioned “proper” video games. Ragnarok is good, I don’t hate it, but it doesn’t take any real skill, thought or effort to beat it. That character ruins all the puzzles before entering the room. No hard fights, everything is guided by the nose. Never fail, confuse, or doubt that you are doing exactly what the developer wants.

And that’s fine. Done to Ragnarök quality, it’s a lot of fun, but it’s very shallow and you quickly forget how good the graphics are. But Elden Ring. Elden Ring makes tutorials hard to find, let alone complete. Everything requires effort. Everything requires thought. It’s actually not that difficult. You really have to want to play it or be involved with it. Don’t just coast along its surface, let the game play for you.

Elden Ring gives nothing on the platter. You have to fight for everything and solve everything. You need to plan ahead and know where you are going, rather than just following the arrows to where you are going. Again, it’s actually not that hard. Calling in some co-op allies makes all bosses easy, even the most infamous optional bosses – you don’t have to be good at defeating Elden Ring. You have to be careful. i love it

Soulsborne-type games have been around for a while, but most major publishers haven’t copied them. Beating them is complicated but it’s nothing compared to making them so why bother when you can knock out another shooter or his Ubisoft formula game ?

Oddly enough, EA is the only big-budget mainstream game to put effort into Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order. I had many influences, but the biggest was Dark Souls and friends. It wasn’t as hardcore as the From game, but neither was pressing ‘A’ to win. And what did they get for their troubles, a game that was far more successful than they expected, single player regaining faith in his game and eventually dead his space It led to something like a remake of. It doesn’t matter if it’s EA, I’m glad you did your best.

So what are other companies doing?elden ring is Top 10 best selling games of all time -anytime! – in the US. Publishers need to get over each other and make the cash-in they want to be. But so far, it’s been a deadly silence, the exact opposite of when Fortnite first hit and live-service games got big.

And do you know why? Because these games are hard to make. These publishers don’t want to take risks. They see Elden Ring sales, but they can’t stop believing it. Do you still want to be talked to and held hands in secret?

Publishers want Elden Ring to go away because it’s a problem they don’t want to solve. make a battle royale? it’s simple. If most people fail, anyone can do it. Would you build something with the beauty and level of complexity of Elden Ring? Nobody wants to encourage that. No publisher wants it to become a standard. You can wait for the hype to die down and pretend it never happened.

Elden Ring won Game of the Year at the Video Game Oscars. And the best art direction. And best game direction. It literally couldn’t have been more successful, but people still want to treat it like an outlier, a one-off.

The publisher that upset me the most is Sony. They certainly remade Demon’s Souls, but it’s a lot less work than making a new game. They’re sitting on Bloodborne, arguably a better game than Elden Ring, never releasing a PlayStation 5 patch for it, and never ordering a sequel.

There’s life beyond Sony’s formula (actually Ubisoft’s with a decent story) and this new obsession with live service gaming, but they need to push themselves. You have to trust and believe that people want more from themselves and their game.Elden Ring was no fluke. It just so happens that he doesn’t sell 18 million games. Those people didn’t go looking for Call of Duty, they somehow accidentally bought the wrong game.

All publishers should embrace Elden Ring’s success. We don’t want Elden Ring to go away and we can go back to making something easier and simpler. People want real games, and if they can’t get them from big names, they’ll go elsewhere. I hope Sonny and his friends find out about it before they are left out in the cold.

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