Which One Is Winning Battlefield 2042 or Call of Duty: Vanguard?

The comparison between Battlefield and Call Of Duty is the most interesting faceoff attracting all the FPS fans. The fans have pitted their wits against the two most anticipated games. There will be  many similarities and differences to be seen. It is the differences that make you decide to spend money and time on the right one. The faceoff between the two shooter games decide the dominance of the one, also you need to spend a lot of your time playing the two shooting games to decide which one is the shooter dominant game. You have to unlock the best gadgets and weapons to check the games.

Theme and setting

The setting of Call Of Duty takes place in the period of World War II, the same setting seen in 2017’s Call Of Duty: WWII. Battlefield 2042’s setting is in the Modern Era into the future. The setting of the Battlefield has made the fans filled with joy as it was the most demanded setting by the players for years. Fans would be entertained with the intense gameplay of firefights and shooting with the best guns and gadgets, in the midst of some challenging weather.

In Call of Duty Vanguard,  you will be one of the four members of the Vanguard fighting against the four forces of Eastern Front, Western Front, the South Pacific, And the North Africa. It has some interesting locations and some excellent gunplay but Battlefield 2042 offers some modern combat combined with difficult gadgets that might be hard for the players in the beginning.

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The theme might be a factor for the fans to decide, whether they want to play the modern battles in Battlefield 2042 or the fights of the classic age of World War II.

Single player mode

Battlefield 2042 does not include single player mode, but offers various options for the multiplayer Conquest and Breakthrough game modes. You can have a single-player option available only when playing alone with AI bots indifferent game modes, this is the closest option for a single player game mode in Battlefield 2042.

On the contrary, Call Of Duty: Vanguard offers an immersive single-player campaign. You will be playing as one of the four Vanguard members. The developers of Vanguard have given their fans who are interested in playing solo something to have fun because like we have seen before in classic Call Of Duty series, single player stories like Capt. John Price, which we can say, has always been a thrilling experience.


Multiplayer mode

As we know, Battlefield 2042 has forgone the single player campaign and essentially comes in multiplayer titles. On PC it has 128 players multiplayer mode and that is something the most contested category for the fans that love multiplayer experience.

Call Of Duty Vanguard comes with a traditional multiplayer experience. The players can play online matches across 20 different maps, also COD Vanguard is offering a new experience of fighting against zombies and some integration of Call Of Duty: Warzone. Battlefield 2042 here lacks such a variety of game modes though it is the regular offering seen in the Battlefield series.

Next- gen features and graphics

Battlefield 2042 and Call Of Duty: Vanguard both games bring comfort and next-gen precision  to your gaming experience. Call Of Duty Vanguard has some improved loading times with better resolution, on PS5 it raises your game with  DualSense compatibility. It marks a significant performance on PS5 and Xbox Series X or a powerful PC.

Battlefield 2042 has taken full advantage in next-gen hardware and is more apparent on PS5, Xbox series X and PC as players will be participating in a massive 128 players battles, on PS4 and X box one it is reduced to 64-players per match.

COD Vanguard is action-packed and a fast-paced arcade game making it a true Call Of Duty pumping style game. Battlefield 2042 is fast paced matches as we get to see in Call Of Duty Vanguard, the guns in Battlefield require more accuracy and better understanding of the game physics such as bullet drop and recoil of the guns. The guns we have in Call Of Duty Vanguard does not require more precision and has minimum gun recoil making it matches go at a lightning speed.

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