Where To Find 2022 Levitation Festival Tickets

Craving for some trippy music that’ll get you into a meditative state? Read on to find out where to find the best 2022 Levitation Festival tickets for an otherworldly time at the event!

Inspired by the 60’s psychedelic culture, the Levitation Festival is a thrilling days-long music event based in Austin, Texas. Having gained immense popularity since its 2008 debut, the festival has now branched out to Angers in France, Chicago, and Vancouver, Canada.

Find out all about the festival, where to find your tickets and more in this article.

Who’s Performing At Levitation Festival?                        

The brainchild of The Reverberation Appreciation Society, Levitation Festival always has an exciting lineup with up to 40 artists performing each year. The 3-4-day weekend festivities are jam-packed with appearances by some of the most exciting psych-inspired outfits in music.

Artists that have shared the Levitation stage include The Black Angels, The Zombies, The Dandy Warhols, Uncle Acid & the Deadbeats, and a ton of other thrilling music acts. Expect to see performers like these at Levitation 2022.

Austin’s psych-rock originals, The 13th Floor Elevators, also made an appearance at the festival in 2015. Formerly known as the Austin Psych Fest, it was in honor of this band that the festival was renamed “Levitation.”

Best Places To Find Levitation Festival Tickets

With the event likely to take place in October 2022, there’s ample time for preparation. That being said, it won’t be long before announcements for tickets, lineups, and other details are made.

The time is ripe to gear up for Levitation Festival 2022. Keep tabs on the event by checking out the top places to find Levitation Festival tickets:

Primary Ticket Seller Markets

These are the authorized ticketing partners of the festival where most people get their event passes.

What’s great about primary markets is that the tickets you get here are entirely genuine and will ensure your seats at the show. The prices, too, are quite stable compared to secondary markets.

The downside is that there’ll be a ton of buyers competing for the same passes, and it’ll take extra effort and expertise to get the best seats. Beware of scalpers!

Sellers under this category include the event organizers, artists, venues, and partnering primary ticket sites.

Note: When you visit the festival’s, artists’, or venues’ pages, you will be redirected to a primary ticket market where you can get the event passes you need.

  1. Event Organisers- The Reverberation Appreciation Society @levitation.fm

levitation.fm is the official website of the Levitation Festival. You can visit the page to find first-hand information on the event, access tickets, merch, and more.

There’s even the option to sign up for a newsletter on the website. It’ll be a great advantage if you want reliable details from the very source itself.

  1. The Artist’s Website

Once you find out which of the artists are performing at Levitation 2022, visit their official websites to find passes to their performances. They’ll be made accessible soon after the festival’s schedule is published.

  1. Venues

This refers to the location where the festivities will be taking place. A lot of them also send out newsletters notifying registered users about upcoming events. Visit their pages online once the Levitation 2022 schedule is out.

Popular venues for the past Levitation fests include Stubbs, Barracuda, and Empire.

  1. Primary Partnering Ticket Sites

This refers to the most popular and easy-to-access ticket sites where most of the sales take place. Passes to Levitation 2022 will be put up on these just days after the official event schedule is public.

Secondary Ticket Seller Markets

These are reseller platforms where you can get tickets for Levitation 2022. One of the biggest reasons people depend on these sites is because they make tickets available even when primary market sites may claim they’re sold out.

This is because some tickets are returned or put up on these outlets to be resold at a higher rate. And yes, that means you’ll likely be spending more than you would at a primary market.

But don’t worry. Unlike years back, now there’s a network of regulated resellers that don’t charge excessive rates for resell tickets.

Moreover, if you’re lucky and Levitation 2022 passes are still up for sale days close to the event, you might get them at incredibly low rates on sites like these. This isn’t the case for primary markets where the prices stay the same throughout, including fees.

Levitation Festival FAQs

  1. What kind of music does Levitation Festival feature?

Genres played at the Levitation Festival include garage rock, lo-fi, shoegaze, psych-rock, jazz-fusion, indie-pop, post-punk noise rock, and more.

  1. What are the popular spots for drinks and food?

At Austin, the home base of Levitation, you’ll find dozens of cool places to grab a drink or meal and get reenergized.

Some of them include Arlo’s and Valhalla on Red River. There’s also Rollin smoke BBQ and The Brixton on East 6th Street. East Riverside has Jackalope and Buzz Mill. Explore the city to find more amazing eateries.

  1. How do I increase my chances of getting Levitation tickets for 2022?

Either come super-early to the live general sales or sign up for a Levitation presale. Not only do you have lesser competition but also extra time to make some good reservations around town.

Events like these are hosted by most of the platforms mentioned above days ahead of the public sale. Card and club members often get the best use of presales. Find out if you’re eligible to participate.

  1. Does Levitation Festival do meet and greets?

It depends on the artists and organizers. However, it is quite rare because of the scale of the event.

You can sign up for newsletters on the artist’s, venue’s, or event organizer’s website to find out such details. Keep in mind prices will be super-high for M&Gs at such events.


If you want to attend Levitation 2022, there’re so many ways to get passes for the event. Just pick a date when the event schedule is out and check out the sites we’ve mentioned. Levitation awaits!

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