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Strange World is the story of a family of explorers. Jaeger Crade (Dennis Quaid) lives in Avalonia, a region surrounded by high mountains. No one in Avalonia could cross these mountains to the other side.The Jaegers take the lead.He, his son Searcher (JakeGyllenhaal) and a team of explorers begin their adventure. After witnessing several obstacles along the way, the team comes across glowing plants that appear to emit energy. The Searchers feel that this plant, called Pando, has the potential to change the future of Avalonia, and they need to focus on it instead of leaving the dangerous and unexplored paths. is. Jaeger disagrees and angrily leaves by himself. Searchers become famous for harvesting Pando and turning it into a fuel resource for Avalonia. 25 years have passed. Thanks to the searchers’ efforts, the pandas have become technologically advanced, but are still cut off from the world. Searcher is married to Meridian (Gabrielle Union) and has a son named Ethan (Jabkey Young-White). All is going well until one day her Callisto Mal (Lucy Liu), the leader of Avalonia, informs Searcher that Pando seems to be losing power. They feel the plants are infected and if action is not taken soon, the pando plants of the entire region will become extinct. This could take Avalonia back in time as much as 25 years before her. So the solution is to go to a giant sinkhole with Pando’s giant roots. Callisto asks the Searchers to join him when he steps into the flying ship’s sinkhole. Searchers agree. Ethan is also bored with the life of a harvester, so he persuades his father to enlist him, but the searchers refuse. The Searcher, Callisto, and the Explorers go deeper into the sinkhole as planned. Suddenly Meridian arrives and informs them that Ethan and his dog Legend are hidden on the ship. Before the Searchers can send Ethan, Meridian, and Legend back to base, they are all attacked by gigantic and strange creatures. In the midst of madness, the Searchers and Legends leave the group. When they are attacked by even more bizarre creatures, they turn out to be the mysterious man, Jaeger! What happens next forms the rest of the film.

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