Warframe’s bizarre roguelike expansion The Duviri Paradox hits release date

Warframe’s stunning new expansion, Duviri Paradox, has finally got a release date, coming to Xbox, PlayStation, Switch, and PC on Wednesday, April 26th.

If you’re unfamiliar with Duviri Paradox, it’s a great starting point for Warframe. Not only is its new open-world area D’Villi (perhaps most notable for the fact that it resides in the mind of the expansion’s new big bad guy, Dominus Thrax), but it also trades sci-fi for something close to a fantasy western. Not only to do, but also to promote a long history. – Runs a free-to-play shooter into the roguelike realm.

Cast as a Drifter condemned to death at the beginning of the expansion’s story (newcomers can choose as an alternate introduction to Warframe). Players are immediately liberated by the mysterious power of death unwinding at the core of the roguelike-inspired experience. In time, they’ll have an assortment of edicts like fancy skeleton horses and random perks. Both prove invaluable when trying to restore color to the world shaped by their master’s moods.

Warframe – Duviri Paradox Cinematic Trailer.

Developer Digital Extremes previously confirmed that Duviri Paradox will feature three different post-quest modes when it launches at the end of April. There’s a solo narrative experience titled The Lone Story, a “complete open-world adventure” known as The Duviri Experience, and a new Warframe-only endless game mode called The Circuit. It also includes an area known as the Undercroft, where players can use orders to battle enemies old and new.

Somewhere in the Warframe world, developer Digital Extremes announced the following dates. This year’s fan-centric TennoCon event – Marking a return to in-person formats after several years of digital-only offerings due to COVID – will take place on Saturday, August 26 at the RBC Convention Center in Ontario, Canada.

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