Vin Diesel says ‘Fast X’ could be the first of three final movies

When Universal announced the 10th fast and furiousnow known as Fast X — it was intended as the first part of a two-part finale for the entire series. Fast X is ready for premiere, but fast and furious 11 (Fast XI?) is still due to follow in a few years. But perhaps that’s where it ends?

Fast X It just had its world premiere in Rome, with the series’ stars and producers on the red carpet vin diesel Universal now claimed they wanted three final films instead of two. A man known as Dominic Toretto explained, “When we were making this movie, the studio asked if we could do this in two parts.” “After the studio saw this, they said, ‘Can you make it?'” Fast X Finale, trilogy? ”

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Universal has not made any additional official announcements at this time. fast beyond movies 11.

Turning a two-part finale into a three-part finale isn’t always easy if the writer had two movies in mind and carefully planned the ending. Still, this isn’t a shocking development. As long as these movies continue to make about $1 billion each time, we have to think — the last movie, F9: Fast Sagagrossed $726 million at the worldwide box office – Universal is at least willing to embrace the idea of ​​continuing the franchise.

as for fast 11universal is already set Fast X Director Louis Leterrier will also direct the sequel.Leterrier is last minute replacement Thanks to Justin Lin for directing franchise films for years F9 and got to direct Fast X was the same, but dropped out of the film shortly after production began.

Fast X It hits theaters next Friday. fast 11 It is currently scheduled to continue in the summer of 2025.

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