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Twitch streamer finds live mites in hair while streaming live

Everything about this sucks (Photo: Twitch)

during the live broadcast convulsions The streamer pulled a tick out of his hair and viewers were completely disgusted by what they witnessed.

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Former pro gamer Deller has now found an unwelcome guest in his hair in front of thousands of viewers, making his fans uncomfortable too.

Deller said he was playing World Of Warcraft when he suddenly felt “something” in his hair. Despite all the commotion, he didn’t seem upset and thought it was just a spider, which is never a good thing.

He continued the game for a few more minutes, scratching his head occasionally, but the sensation wasn’t enough to stop him.

After a while, Mr. Deller finally took a break to investigate what was nesting in his hair, only to be startled by a small black bug.

After regaining his composure for a moment, the streamer began carefully washing the area above his head, making sure there were no traces of bugs.

“A bed bug? Do you really want to see it?” Deller asked after reading viewers’ comments.

Without wasting a second, he quickly turned his camera to the cold bug on his desk, but it was still alive.

It was a tick (Photo: Twitch)

His viewers identified it as a tick as soon as they spotted it, and strongly advised Delor to keep an eye on the spot in case it swelled or developed a rash.

The streamer began lashing out at Dani, cursing and asking viewers how likely they were to get Lyme disease.

But just a few minutes later, he shrugged it off and went back to streaming World Of Warcraft, playing fine for another eight hours straight.

Only a few ticks actually carry the bacteria that can cause Lyme disease, according to the NHS. A bite doesn’t automatically make you infected, but it can be very annoying, so it’s important to always keep the risks in mind and call your doctor if you feel unwell.

Shania Twain is I’ve been suffering from it for years Even though it dates back to 2003, it still suffers from power outages and other medical problems on a regular basis.

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