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Top home security tips 

Having peace of mind in your property is crucial, after all, feeling uncomfortable and at risk in your surroundings is no way to live life. Thankfully, through several devices and tips, you can easily improve safety measures and certainty within your home. Stay tuned as we provide you with some beneficial home security tips.

CCTV cameras

In 2020, within the UK, it was reported that more than 350,000 burglaries took place, therefore it is important to take respectable measures to avoid this from happening to your property. One of the most crucial home security devices that you should have is CCTV. These devices are installed, most commonly, on the outside of your property to portray recorded footage on the outside of your home. Therefore, they can provide recorded proof if a burglary takes place on your property. Alongside this, studies have shown that when an intruder enters a property, they are likely to look around the area to see if any cameras are present. If there are cameras present it increases the risk for them, so they are likely to leave the property. This proves that CCTV does not only protect and record the property, however, it is also likely to prevent potential damage and incidents from occurring. Click here for CCTV installation services.

Fire alarm systems 

All homes must have a fire alarm system. They are vital devices for the home as they indicate any signs of fire straight away. There are certain types of fire alarm systems that you can install within your home that detect certain fire types from occurring including photoelectric, ionization, and combination alarms, however, the best alarm to secure would be a combination as it can detect fast flaming and smoke smouldering fires. Some countries are extremely instructive and informative when it comes to fire safety and precautions. For example, from the 1st February 2020, within Scotland, UK, you must have an interlinked fire alarm system within your home. The requirements are that you must have a fire alarm within the main room of your home, which is most likely to be your living area, alongside a fire alarm in each circulation area of your home, which is likely to be each hallway or landing. Finally, a heat alarm must be installed within your kitchen and a carbon monoxide detector within any space containing a carbon-fuelled appliance. Although this has only become the law in Scotland, if the option for an interlinked system is available to you, a top home security tip is to invest in it and educate your household and yourself on the importance of devices that detect fire occurrence.

Keep valuables hidden

Keeping your valuables out of sight does not only apply to those individuals with large-scale, affluent homes. Any home can be a target for burglars however, they are most likely to target homes that portray signs of value. Therefore, this is why it is vital to keep valuables locked up and stored away. This is particularly important for car owners. Your car, after your home, may be your next biggest investment so why would you leave your car keys lying around your home unsupervised? A top home security tip is to invest in a small box to secure your car keys and avoid leaving these at your front door area at all costs! A known scheme used by burglars is to go “letterbox fishing”, this involves lifting your letterbox and using a large rod to fish around for car keys, once identified they can easily steal your vehicle. Please note that if your front door features windows, this is even more of a reason to keep your keys away from this area! The same applies to valuable jewelry and other belongings. Never leave them lying around, keep them secure in a secluded area so that if a burglar were to enter your home whilst you are out of the property, they will struggle to find your most valuable items.

Invest in exterior lighting

Our final home security tip is to keep your home illuminated, especially within the evening hours. Not only does exterior lighting demonstrate affluence and add to the overall aesthetic of your home, but it also provides a sense of security. Burglars prefer to operate in the dark, so why would they approach a home that features bright lighting and that could reveal their identity? Especially if you have CCTV installed on your property too! We would advise keeping this form of lighting on throughout the night when a burglary is most likely to take place. Alternatively, if you are worried that this will massively contribute towards electricity bills, then why not opt for motion sensor lighting? That means that any slight movement around the home will spark the light on, and this will be sure to send the intruder the other way.

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