Top Four Benefits Of Using A Knee Sleeping Pillow

Several sleepers tend to use knee pillows to improve their comfort level when resting. Knee pillows are tiny cushions designed to fit between or below the knees. Side sleepers always use pillows between their knees, while back sleepers usually position them under their knees.

Utilizing a knee pillow improves the spinal placement in side sleepers. Without the Everlasting Comfort Knee Pillow for Sleeping – Hip, Lower Back, and Sciatic Nerve Pain Relief, the upper knee of the user is forced to relax on the lower knee. This sleeping position can misarrange the back and add pressure on the hips, resulting in muscle pain.

Buying a knee pillow to use when sleeping helps in reducing knee pain especially for sideward sleepers; several knee cushions have an ergonomic design that help to improve sleep and comfort.

Knee pillow types

There are many different types of knee pillows:

Side sleeper knee pillow

The side sleeper knee pillow is a top pick whose primary function is to contour and relieve pain. The pad has a solid feel and dense composition. Made with memory foam, it can retain its shape no matter how they toss it. The sturdiness of the pillow enables it to provide long-term support even when used frequently. A pillow cover made from polyester or rayon is good material and will improve comfort during rest.

Cushion lab knee pillow

The cushion lab knee pillow comes in two distinct sizes. The smaller size is ideal for 5 feet 8 inches or shorter people, while the bigger size is suitable for taller people or sleepers who love extra leg support. The cover is detachable and re-washable; it can wash in all types of household machines.

Benefits of knee pillow 

It helps you breathe easier

People with breathing conditions such as; sleep apnea can enjoy the full benefits of the knee pillow when placed between the legs. The knee pillows, as mentioned above, aids in aligning the spine, which in turn opens the airways.

For back sleepers, try to position the pillow under the knees rather than between them. Make sure to sleep with the proper head pillow to enjoy the best comfort.

Improves blood circulation

Have you ever slept on the arm side and woken up with a numb arm/feeling? It is frightening to wake up with a detached arm feeling; it generally happens during poor circulation of blood.

Putting a pillow under the knees or between the legs can improve blood circulation through the lower body. People sleeping on their backs can also add a buffer to increase their blood circulation.

It prevents the hips from rotating.

The absence of a knee pillow when sleeping sideward can cause the hips to rotate continuously, resulting in lower back pain and sometimes pain around the hips. Keeping the knees well aligned on each other using the knee pillow will help maintain the hips’ normal alignment. The pad will help keep the knees intact while reducing any pressure for side sleepers.

Relieves muscle cramps or tension

Uncomfortable sleeping positions always strain the muscles and, in some cases, cause cramps. Sleeping on the side with a pillow between the legs will support the knee and provide comfort during sleep. Check out different knee pillows at


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