Tinykin’s Review – Fascinating Collection Callbacks

As we grow up, we forget not only what it felt like to be small, but what it felt like to exist in a world so vast as to be immeasurable. For many of us, it is difficult to maintain our childlike sense of wonder and ability to see the extraordinary in the ordinary. Because of this, I’ve always had a special affinity for what I do in life, anything that reminds me of what it’s like to feel small but infinite.Splashteam’s Tinykin also has his One.

At first glance, Tinykin looks like a Pikmin clone, but that’s a shame to ignore. Sure, the puzzle-platformer shares some commonalities with the Nintendo series (mainly the tiny creatures that help give each game its name), but above all, Tinykin is a banjo-to-counter It’s a collecting game that will captivate anyone who spends a lot of time playing it. Kazooie, Spyro, and other his 90’s platformers. And this isn’t the only quality that inspires a return to childhood – it’s also set in a ’90s-style home. With epic environments full of detail, vitality and wonder, simple yet fun mechanics, and satisfying and rhythmic gameplay, his Tinykin is an original and frenzied experience.

Milo surfing on a web of silk higher than lush heights.

The Tinykin story begins with Milo crash-landing on planet Earth. Unfortunately for Milo, this derails his current mission so he can start a new mission to build a new ship and get back on track. ‘s suburban home is full of friendly faces and happy helpers in the form of bugs and “little people.” Tinykins, as their name suggests, are adorable little creatures that are always eager to help. This is especially useful given that science-minded Milo’s only ability is to use his glider to travel short distances and glide around levels. “Soap board”.

Throughout your adventure, you’ll encounter five Tinykins. Each has unique powers that can be used to solve different puzzles. For example, a red tinykin explodes when thrown into an object. It’s a bit sad if you think about it too much (or not at all), but it’s certainly possible when you’re freeing other Tinykins from their cages, blowing up holes in walls, or breaking the posts that keep the ropes from touching the ground. And if it makes you feel better, the red one is the only one you can use once.

Milo throws a red Tiny Kin to death.
Milo throws a red Tiny Kin to death.

As you explore each level, you’ll come across countless obstacles that reward you with tons of Tiny Kins and require a certain number and type to continue. Finding creatures, unlocking new parts of the map, identifying the next “locked door”, searching the current area to find even smaller kin, and this leads to a satisfying round trip. Despite being a fairly large map, it’s fairly easy to find tinykin or areas you haven’t explored yet thanks to other collectibles and missions placed throughout the level that will guide you where you need to go. . The most abundant are game pollen clusters. This can be used to give to merchants in exchange for improving your glider’s range. This will eventually give you access to previously off-limits areas, and as you can imagine, you’ll be able to collect more pollen, tiny kin, and other collectibles. A kind of rhythmic gameplay that reminds me of the 90’s platformers you referenced, with simple controls and quality of life features that keep the game fairly easy (e.g. when you fall you’re sent everywhere) is. Very smooth to play and friendly for players of all ages and skill levels.

As you leave each level, the Tinykins you’ve collected stay there because they’re “not the bravest” according to your friend and mentor Ridmi, and don’t want to leave the house. Each of Tinykin’s six areas is home to a different species of insect, features its own color palette, soundtrack, and is set in a different part of the house. Balnea, for example, is set in the bathroom of a house, and features several fantastical, jazzy tracks, a palette of cool tones punctuated by pops of bright violet and neon blue, and features two types of bugs. plays the role of the host of As you can imagine, living together isn’t easy for these invertebrates, and the hero Milodan has to intervene more than once.

However, levels are never overly bogged down by characters or side quests. , there’s a couple named Jack and Rose (asking them to pass dangerous sketches and large floating boards to each other) and a chef named Remy. Rather, instead of having Tinykin take part in mysterious expeditions, collecting random objects, solving puzzles, and traversing piles of toilet paper and vinyl, he wants to dive deeper into the story. I’m waiting for I think I could finish the game in under 4 hours if I just did what I needed to do, but each level kept my attention for well over an hour as I tried to find all the final secrets hidden there. was attractive enough to

Another important part that I kept exploring is how beautifully and intricately the levels are designed. Featuring 2D characters on vibrant 3D backgrounds, the game’s art style is fun, and the abundance of verticality and tiny hideouts in each level create a world you’ll want to traverse. It’s not as expansive as modern open-world RPGs, but there were plenty of “oh, I can go there” moments that I didn’t necessarily expect. There’s also a point where you start to feel a certain great sense of satisfaction from using tinykin or leveraging your platforming skills to get to places that are probably not the way the game was intended.

Slide down the railing in Transidor Crossing.

If Tinykin ever stumbles, it’s how often you actually stumble. Given that the game is primarily a platformer, the controls aren’t always the tightest, and if you find yourself falling off a platform because you didn’t hit exactly where you intended, it’s a pain Thankfully, the numerous checkpoints and the game’s tolerance for falls ease some of that tension. I also found it frustrating at times about how exactly I needed to speak to an NPC. Most of the game is smooth and seamless, but you have to stop and be in place to interact with it. The story is his third in Tinykin’s gameplay and overall experience, so this wasn’t terrible, but I would rate the bare bones story higher (or not the bare bones story You may think that). If interacting with these characters feels easy.

However, as an experience, Tinykin lacks nothing. Collectionthon is a fun callback to ’90s platformers, with just the right amount of new ideas and iterations on existing ideas. Its charm, lighthearted humor, impressive level design, and overall tone create a game that feels nostalgic yet feels new, and perfectly captures the exuberance of gaming as a wide-eyed kid.

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