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“TIKU WEDS SHHERU” will be released on June 23, 2023. “TIKU WEDS SHRU” is the story of his two crazy characters. Shiraz Khan Afghani aka Sher (Nawazuddin Siddiki) lives in Mumbai and works as a junior artist. On the side, he is also a pimp with his junior artist Anand (Mukesh Bhatt).he was receiving rupees. He borrows 1 million yen from Shahid Bhai (Vipin Mishra) to make the film. He never made the movie, so he couldn’t return the money. Sher is demanded to repay the loan or threatened by Shaheed’s minions to take over the Mumbai house. Meanwhile, Shel’s uncle from Bhopal informs that the family of a girl named Tasleem Khan aka Tiku (Avneet Kaul) are interested in marrying his daughter to him. They will also pay him 1 million rupees. 100,000 as a dowry. Shell sees Tik’s photo and falls in love with her. He also realizes that the dowry will help him pay off his debts. Thiku initially opposes marrying Shel because she is in love with a man named Bini Arora (Rahul) who is also from Mumbai. But Bini suggests that Thich should move to Mumbai and marry Shel to fulfill her dream of becoming an actress. Tik likes this idea. Also, Bini is in Mumbai and she will have the opportunity to spend time with him. Thik marries Shel and moves to Mumbai. Shell pays off his debt. He lies to Tiku and her sister Sana (Khushi Bharadwaj) that the house he lives in is a temporary residence and the apartment is being renovated. The same day, Tik runs away to be with Bini. She also learns that she is pregnant with Bini’s child. However, she refuses to let Bini take care of her unborn baby. He also tells Tik that he is married and has a child. What happens next forms the rest of the movie.

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