Let’s start with a fun fact – most casino games are purely random. So, no decision you make will impact the result. That sounds disheartening, but it’s true. Take roulette as an example. No matter what you do after spinning the wheel, the chances remain the same. Each outcome has a chance out of 38 to come true. So, whether you bet on the red or the black, it’s still 1 in 38. Is video poker any different? Should you bother learning its secrets? The answer is yes! Video poker and Blackjack have one thing in common – these are some of the only casino games in which your decisions affect the result. That’s why you hear of players who eke a living from video poker casinos. There’s nothing special about these players, save for the fact that they understand the game. How?

With video poker, you have control over the first five cards dealt to you. If you don’t like them, you can discard them. Or you could like what you see and keep them. Nobody makes this decision for you. No random number generator can take this away from you. And that’s why winning in video poker is so accessible. Let’s think of ways you can increase your winning chances:

1.   Learn the Rules

Even before thinking about a strategy, understand what the game entails. What is video poker? What are the basics? Here’s the thing – if you cannot play a basic game (no frills), then you should not even think about wagering. Learn the simple facts first, then move on to the variations.

Why? With games of pure chance like slots, you can make it by just guessing. Who knows? That leap of faith could earn you the jackpot. But video poker is not as simplistic. If you go in with faith, you will come out having lost a lot of money. So, if you want a real shot at good money, start small and flip through the gameplay pages.

Oh, and you should always start with practising on a demo account or a computer. Until you are confident about your skills, you should avoid investing any money in wagers.

2.   Bet the Max Number of Coins

You can bet anything from 1 to 5 coins per hand. Do you want to know what the pros do? They go with 5 each time! It’s not just about risking it all. Instead, it comes down to the payouts associated with each bet. Let’s visualize this:

Did you notice anything different? The two coins between 1 and 3 have no significant impact. In fact, you get the same payout multiplied by the number of coins (250*3). But when you put down 5 coins, you get quite a difference. Instead of getting 1,250 (250*5), you get a whopping 4,000!

3.   Find a Good Game

Do you know why strategy sometimes is fruitless? – because it’s hard for it to bear fruit when used in impossible situations. The payback in a game matters. If you choose one with a high house edge, you will set yourself up for failure. So, choose the right game with a reasonable payback instead – even if that means moving from one website to the other, hoping to get a good deal.

4.   Take Your Time

You will need to be patient in two regards. The first lies in choosing a good paytable. Do you know how to choose one? It makes a huge difference in whether you win or not. Each pay chart comes with its house edge. You want to select a table that has a smaller house edge, thus putting you at less risk of losing. After all, the goal is to get rich, not to make the casino richer. And the only way to do so is by selecting the best option.

The second instance where patience pays is during the gameplay. Don’t be fast to make decisions. For example, consider your options when you get the initial cards. Should you keep them? If so, which ones should you keep? Video poker, unlike some other games, does not have a timer. You can even take a break if you feel overwhelmed by the options. If that’s what you feel like doing, do so. Rushing the game does not make you better at it. If anything, it only pushes you closer to a loss. Remember – the more you play, the more your chances of losing. So, slow down, take a breath, and make the right decision.

5.   Join a Player’s Club

You’re probably wondering why anyone would suggest that you join a club whose sole purpose is to play more? Didn’t we just caution you from playing too much? Well, there is more than one side to a player’s club. The negative side pushes you to play more games and for longer. The result? – you can dent your bankroll and end up frustrated. Then there’s the side we want you to exploit – the one that gives you all sorts of bonuses and rewards! That allows you to reduce the amount of money wagered. You get to have the edge over the house edge (see?), enabling you to keep playing long enough to break even and turn a profit.

6.   Use Bonuses

Even as a player’s club member, you will still need more bonuses to help you hedge your risk. So, opt for sites that offer continuing promotions to their players. And use these rewards to your benefit. The more free money you have, the more earnings you can get. Also, if you cannot seem to find any such offers, ask the customer team if such options are available. You could be missing out on something right under your nose.

7.   Choose Progressive Jackpot Machines

Have you heard of progressive betting strategies? These machines are a lot like this and can help you inch closer to a big win. But first, you must assess the paytable. Is it fair? Do you stand a reasonable chance of walking away with some good money? If that’s not the case, don’t go in. Instead, keep looking for a better option so you can beat the game. The winnings from such games are usually relatively high when coupled with a strategy.

While winning might seem like the only important factor to consider, remember to live in the moment. video poker is a delightful game that can aid you in minting some extra money. You could even go pro. But as you work towards that, enjoy the process!


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