The new James Bond may have already been picked

About a year and a half has passed since the last time james bond movie, no time to die, was released in theaters. It was a pretty definitive end to the Daniel Craig era for the character. It never ends.

But James Bond can’t continue until a new actor is chosen for the role. He will be the seventh actor to play Bond in the film series. So far, we haven’t even heard a hint of who might be the new 007, or when it might be announced. That being said, we seem to be getting closer.

Taron Egertonseems like he should join the new Bond conversation based on his resume, which includes starring in Bond parodies. kingsmanhe says no Be the next guy to chug a martini and play baccarat against an evil supervillain wearing an eye patch.he said total film As he puts it, “I mean, I think they’ve already got someone, but it’s not me.”

Kingsman: The Golden Circle
Photo credit: Giles Keyte

Well, Egerton could be wrong. Someone might have told him there was a new Bond, or You may have been given incorrect or incomplete information. Perhaps the producers were choosing from a handful of finalists and Egerton wasn’t cut. ) may still be strategizing the best way to start their career as 007.

In the meantime, Egerton will be seen in the upcoming film version Tetris — A film adaptation of a truly original production story Tetris Games — Launching March 31 on Apple TV+.

Actors who almost played James Bond The new James Bond may have already been picked

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