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The Most Famous and Professional Gamblers Of The World

Gambling has already become one of the most popular activities among players of all ages and occupations. Millions of users worldwide use it to pass time, make friends, sharpen skills, and even make money. And many of them dream of becoming professional gamblers with million-dollar profits and international recognition.

To become a pro, you need to come a long way. For example, learn game rules and strategies, read brands reviewed by NZCasinoHEX.com and play at casinos that accept New Zealand dollars (or another local currency), and read the stories of famous gamblers. That is what we are going to cover in the article below.

Archie Karas

The first name on our list is a Greek immigrant Archie Karas. In 1992, he arrived in the US with $50 in the pocket and in two years have turned them into $40 million. These years in Las Vegas were the most profitable in Archie’s career as a professional gambler. He preferred poker, roulette, and blackjack tables for high rollers. Unfortunately, the story didn’t end very well for Karas: in 1995 he has lost his fortune. In 2013, he was caught in card marking and sentenced to 3-year probation. Nowadays, Archie is 70 years old and he still lives in Las Vegas.

Chris Moneymaker

Chris Moneymaker made a living by working as an accountant. In 2003, he decided to join a satellite tournament for $86 and won a seat at the WSOP Main Event. Since that time, everything has changed: he won one tournament after another, worked with VELO, and became a PokerStars spokesperson.

He is a third-generation money maker in the family (his father and grandfather made coins) and is now worth $16 million. Chris used the winnings to start MoneyMaker Gaming and nowadays travels the world with his wife and enjoys life.

Phil Ivey

If we start enumerating Phil’s achievements, we might need a separate page. He is considered one of the top-earning gamblers of all time and is often called the best poker player. Ivey has won 10 WSOP bracelets and appeared at the final tables of the World Poker Tour nine times.

Unfortunately, his story didn’t have a happy ending. Phil was involved in a cheating scheme in two casinos and the case was ruled not in his favor. This showed that Ivey was actually a cheater and the doors to the most reputable tournaments and events were closed for him.

Henry Orenstein

Henry Orenstein is a living legend. He is a 97-year-old Holocaust survivor and a famous toymaker who is currently living in Verona, New Jersey. Despite a brilliant career, he always had a passion for poker and greatly succeeded in the game.

See for yourself: in 1996, Henry has won a WSOP Stud Tournament bypassing poker stars of that time. He also offered to show face-down cards to the audience to make tournaments more appealing. In 2009, Orenstein’s total winnings exceeded $200,000 thanks to two WSOP victories and one at the US Poker Championship.

Billy Walters

When it comes to sports betting, it is difficult to find a more experienced and popular player than Billy Walters. He started betting at the age of 9 and continued doing it successfully for the next 20 years. Billy earned good money both at online and offline casinos and enjoyed not only sports betting but also roulette, blackjack, poker, and other casino games.

Walters has left his gambling career at the age of 30 and invested millions of dollars in stock trading. But this activity turned out to be a disaster: in 2017 he was accused of insider trading, spent five years in prison, and had to pay $10 million in fines.

The road is made by walking

All these players have come a long way from amateurs to professionals. They know that it takes lots of time, dedication, and self-improvement to reach the top of the charts. They also know that gambling leaves room to chance and luck, so it is impossible to win all the time. If after reading these success stories you feel uplifted and motivated, go for it. Maybe your name will be the next on the list?


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