this week was another great week Story of Kerala It had a box office gross of $4 billion as more than Rs. In this post-pandemic period, some of the biggest movies haven’t been able to pull in that much in their first week at the box office for the odd months of the last 20 years, but here they are. Story of Kerala It exceeds Rs. 800 crore in the first week. 9 billion rupees for the second week and 9 billion rupees thereafter. In week 3 he’s at $40 billion, down only about 50% compared to the first week.

The movie dropped a bit on Monday and then again on Tuesday. In fact, the movie has been so stable since its release, in fact even recording better numbers than the previous day at various occasions, that even the word ‘fall’ is coming in. So for this Vipur Shah production, if substandard descent comes in by the day, for this movie it is said descent because it is not used. Otherwise Wednesday has been very stable compared to Tuesday and now Thursday is doing similarly well in rupees so in absolute numbers the movie is doing very well. 3.1 billion.

A movie starring Adha Sharma is currently collecting Rs 100 crore. 213.47 lakh and only 213.4 lakh is needed. Another 12 billion rupees will be generated from today until Sunday. 225 million milestones achieved. But this will be the last big milestone for the film since 20 million rupees. I can’t reach 250 million yen anymore. That said, this film surpasses the lifetime scores of several blockbusters past and present, and for a film made at such a controlled cost, it’s like a lottery ticket to those who invested in it. turned out to be something.

Note: All collections are subject to production and distribution.

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