The different ways to play Age of the Gods

If you’re an avid slot game player – a self-proclaimed one-armed bandit – then there’s no doubt you’ve heard of the heavenly Age of the Gods franchise. Spinning reels alongside Zeus, Hercules, Poseidon and Athena is a sight to behold, so why not try the different casino games that make up the divine franchise?

Age of the Gods Jackpot

First, we’re going up to the golden gates to experience a game that’s inspired by one of the first installment of this franchise. With five reels, 20 paylines and a progressive jackpot worth over 100,000 coins, you’ll be in awe of your divine powers as you attempt venture across four free spins bonus rounds in this slot game. A minimum bet of just 0.20 coins will put you in the running to bag that jackpot, but if you haven’t quite prayed hard enough this time, you’ll still have the potential to win from 12x to 10,000x your bet!

Once you’ve landed three Age of the Gods game symbols, you’ll have the chance to chose from one of the four free games, using just 20 gold coins. These include: Athena free games, where three Athena symbols grant you nine free games and random multipliers; Zeus free games, where you’ll get nine free spins and an increasing multiplier. There’s also Poseidon free games – granting you nine free spins and up to five random wilds – and lastly, Hercules free games, where Hercules himself will act as a stacked wild on the third reel as you enjoy nine free spins. All this, combined with the progressive jackpot and so much more,there’s no wonder this game is a slice of heaven.

There are so many other incredible Slots in this franchise, such as: Age of the Gods: Medusa & Monsters, Age of the Gods: Norse Book of Dwarves, Age of the Gods: Prince of Olympus, and so many more. But slot games make up just one part of the franchise…

Age of the Gods Bingo

Bingo – one of the most popular pastimes, dating back as far as 1530, Italy. This game is a 90-ball variant, with a heavenly twist. There are three standard prizes that can be won in each Bingo game. These include – one line, two lines and the House, or ‘Bingo’. Two or more players can win and share any prize in online Bingo, as it’s a luck-based lottery game. If this is the case, the prize will be evenly split and deposited directly into the player’s account.

Age of the Gods Bingo features an Arena of the Gods post-game feature, which will appear at the end of the game if the Age of the Gods coin appears within the ball call area at the beginning of the initial game. The bonus feature game will display as a grid with nine coins that the full house winner will be able to choose from. They’ll select as many coins as it takes until three of the same Gods/Goddesses are matched within the panel. Each God pays out a different percentage of the prize pot to the winners and the community, meaning that this feature game provides even more ways to boost your bankroll and become a Bingo God!

Age of the Gods Roulette

If you thought the Gods couldn’t possibly use their divine powers anywhere else – then think again – because now the franchise has expanded further and the ‘Devils game’ has been overrun by heavenly forces. You can spin this Roulette wheel for just 0.10 coins, and have the potential to bag one of four progressive jackpots, worth over 100,000 coins, at any time! Not only this, but the Gods have granted you with the powers to see the in-game stats, in the attempt to improve your gameplay!This game is similar to that of normal Roulette, but with the addition of the bonus rounds. Betting on the Age of the Gods bonus bet is what’ll really make this game pay. If the wheel spins in your favour, you’ll be transported to a three-reel slot game where you could win between 5x and 100x your wager!

You can even visit the Gods in the live casino, as you hope the divine are on your side in Bonus Roulette Live!

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